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Field Supervisor – Cascadian Farm Home Farm ($DOE)--Rockport, WA

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Posted on: 03/27/2019 3:40 pm

Job Purpose

The Field Supervisor will work closely with the Farm Manager to train and supervise employees for all aspects of farm production as well as perform other jobs associated with field and greenhouse production and landscape maintenance.  The Field Supervisor will support a positive, safe, and efficient work environment, while producing top quality fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

The story of Cascadian Farm begins 45 years ago on a little stretch of land next to the Skagit River in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  Cascadian Farm® is one of the country’s leading brands of organic foods and has grown far beyond our original farm. Acquired by General Mills in 2000, Cascadian Farm sells cereals, bars, frozen fruits and vegetables, spreads, and juices.

At the heart of the brand is the 90 acre certified-organic Home Farm. The farm’s mission is to advance organic and regenerative farming systems through demonstrating, educating, and advocating for a food and farming system that protects and conserves natural resources and encourages healthy communities.

The Home Farm has roughly 20 acres in agricultural production and the remainder acreage is forested. We grow eleven acres of blueberries, one acre each of strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, and pumpkins, as well as some hardy kiwis, and greenhouse peppers and tomatoes. Located 40 miles East of I-5 on the North Cascades Highway, the Farm receives approximately 80 inches of rain a year with temperatures ranging from 25 – 50° F in the winter and 50 – 95° F in the summer. Crops are sold directly to the public through our seasonal farm stand and U-pick. Blueberries are also machine harvested and delivered to a local processor.

Position Details

  • Reports to: Farm Manager
  • Location:  Rockport, WA
  • Travel: Regional, Limited
  • Weekend & extended hours during growing season

Major Job Responsibilities

Employee Training and Supervision (70%)

  • Train and assist in leading a field crew for effective and efficient farm operations and crop production.
    • Ensure successful training and onboarding of crew members.
    • Set daily goals and delegate individual tasks to field crew members.
    • Supervise and work alongside seasonal crew for planting, harvest, weeding, pruning, landscaping, and other production activities.
    • Encourage a positive culture of respect, trust, hard-work, consistency, and dedication.
    • Ensure field crew has appropriate tools and equipment needed to effectively and safely complete farm tasks.
    • Maintain clean and organized environment for work-place safety and efficient work-flow.
  • Maintain a safety-first culture and workplace for farm employees and visitors.
    • Ensure training and proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment), location of first aid supplies and basic farm safety.
    • Contribute and encourage dialogue on workplace safety and opportunities for improvement.
    • Report any safety concerns to Farm Leadership and discuss steps to address the concerns.
  • Ensure adherence of food safety and quality programs.
    • Train and ensure adherence to Good Agricultural Practices standards such as maintaining in-field hygiene, washing harvest equipment, and accurately filling out harvest logs.
    • In-field training of fruit stages (unripe, ripe, over-ripe) and grades (Grade A and Grade B) for proper timing of harvest and identification of end-product use (fresh sale, frozen for ice cream, IQF).
    • Report any food safety concerns to Farm Leadership and discuss steps to address the concerns.

Farm Production and Equipment Operation (20%)

  • Collaborate with Farm Manager on weekly priorities to ensure effective and efficient farm production and management.
    • Assess and report on progress of work activities and quality/quantity of fruit/vegetables being harvested.
    • Report on field conditions (such as pests, fungus, disease, weed pressure, wildlife, human activity, damage to infrastructure).
  • Equipment operation, minor maintenance, and repair.
    • Operate tractors and grounds maintenance equipment as appropriate for production, landscaping, and winter snow removal.
    • Assist with minor equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Contribute to overall farm operations.
    • Work individually as needed in production and landscaping tasks in the fields, greenhouse, and Roadside Stand area.
    • Other job duties as assigned.

Special Projects (10%)

  • Work with Farm Manager to identify and complete off-season projects (December-March) that will contribute to the following year’s successful season.
    • Build and/or maintain farm infrastructure including irrigation system, fences, power and electrical systems, and small farm carpentry projects a needed, etc.
    • Participate in forestry management such as tree felling, bucking, burning, brush clearing, invasive weed removal and tree planting.
    • Contribute to the development and management of new farm systems.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience growing a diversity of fruit, vegetable and grain crops
  • Experience in harvesting and packing top quality fresh-market produce
  • Experience supervising others
  • Fluent in English
  • Computer literate
  • Ability to lift, push, or pull 50lbs
  • WA Driver’s License

Preferred Skills and Competencies

  • Able to supervise a crew effectively
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to connect with the local (Skagit County) agricultural workforce
  • Conversational (or better) level Spanish Language skills preferred
  • Growth mindset and interest in helping others develop their job skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • High level of integrity and dependability
  • High attention to detail
  • Familiarity with tractor/machine operations and maintenance or willingness to learn


  • Hourly wage with paid overtime
  • Year-round role
  • Benefits eligible when working more than 50% of full-time hours

Apply Online at:

About Cascadian Farm

County: Skagit

Public Address: 55931 State Route 20, Rockport, WA, 98283

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 98, Rockport, WA, 98283

Point of Contact Name:

Daytime Phone: 360-853-8173

Evening Phone: 360-333-2484

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