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Goat Roast with Farmstead Meatsmith --Vashon Island

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Posted on: 06/13/2012 1:07 pm

How To Cabrito Assado

There are few earthly pleasures to match the smell of burning alder, the sight of roasting kid goat and good conversation.  For me, this is what Meatsmithing is all about.  Come join us for a series of two classes on…

Cabrito Assado

The Harvest

On Friday, July 20th, we will slaughter a small goat pastured and nursed at one of Vashon’s best creameries.  Through this course, you will learn how to harvest a goat in the fullest way possible: humane slaughter, hide removal, offal extraction and trussing for roasting.  This class will be largely demonstrational and will equip you to produce the perfect roasting carcass.

The Feast

For the second class, we will blur the line between education and indulgence.  The goat we harvested the day before will become the subject of a class in wood fire cookery.  We will address wood selection, roasting apparatus and cooking strategy.  Our technique involves no thermometers, no dials, no valves; just wood, salt and goat.  Nothing equips you with the basics of meat cookery better than wood fire roasting.

When the goat is finished, we will express our gratitude by feasting.  Expect coal baked flat bread and whole roasted vegetables from our garden.  On Saturday, July 21st, this class will start mid-morning and we will eat early evening.

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