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Job: Field Supervisor at Willie Green’s Organic Farm

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Posted on: 04/09/2018 4:52 pm

Position Type: Full-time, permanent-seasonal farm

Experience: Farm experience required, Baby Green’s growing experience a plus

Language: English required, Spanish a plus

Start Date: Full-time May 1st

Compensation: $20 / per hour to start

Location: Skagit Valley

Other Skills: Supervisory experience a plus, Farm machinery experience required, heavy lifting required

Schedule: 50 + hours / per week

We have been farming organically for over 30 years. This is an excellent, long-term opportunity to join a great core group. We have several large, wholesale accounts that we grow for.

We are looking for a professional, focused, hard-working field supervisor who understands farm life and seasons and can help keep the systems lean, simple and effective. We need a team player that can work directly with the crew and see the big picture in order to help create a successful season in our new field locations in the Skagit Valley.

Job Description:

  • Oversee entire Baby Green’s organic farming operation from ground prep to processing / packing.
  • Prepare ground using various implements including spreading fertilizer, bed formation and stale bed maintenance.
  • Seeding
  • Harvesting with an Ortomec harvester.
  • Coordinate irrigation with crew.
  • Spraying of green’s with either fertilizer or organic pesticides.
  • Coordinate and supervise weeding of crops.
  • Maintain daily logs in accordance with GAP regulations.
  • Be involved with the processing crew. Understand the workings of an SQF facility.
  • Supervise cleaning of equipment when needed; including, but not limited to: salad harvester, harvest totes, spray equipment, tractors and implements.

If interested please e-mail us with your resume including references at