21 Acres: Butter Making

Date(s) – 02/28/2017
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living
13701 NE 171st Street, Woodinville

Join lead cheese maker Meghan McKenna from Cherry Valley Dairy in this hands-on butter-making experience. Learn how to make your own cultured artisan butter from scratch as well as the process of dividing delicious whole local milk from grass fed cows into cream and skim. Meghan will guide us through different techniques to make butter from fresh cream and introduce recipes for compound butter – perfect for your winter baked potatoes and roasted veggies! We’ll also discuss what to do with glorious buttermilk and taste the difference between cultured, local, grass-fed butters and regular supermarket butter. With dairy, wheat optional.