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2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Planning for Pollinators: Creating Pollinator Habitat on Your Farm Bees, Conservation, Habitat, Pollinators, Restoration Sardinas, Hillary
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Better Farming Through Plastics: Season Extension, Mulch and More! Mulch, plastic, Season Extension Cowan, Jeremy, Ghimire, Shuresh
2015 Keynote – Moving Agriculture into the 21st Century conservation agriculture, integrated agriculture, Organic Agriculture, sustainable practices Reganold, John
2015 Capnote – Living the Dream: Farming in my Lifetime diversified vegetables, Skagit Valley de Vries, Ray
2015 E3 – The State of Organic Seed GMO contamination, Organic Seed Alliance, Plant Breeding, Seed Production, State of Organic Seed Hubbard, Kiki
2015 E2 – Flower Production: The Farmer to Florist Movement Flower Production, Flowers, Fresh Cut Flowers, Marketing Asmus, Emily
2015 D5 – Challenges and Opportunities in Growing New Farm Businesses: Veterans and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers farmer training, Latino, Veterans, Viva Farms, WSU Small Farms team Hackett, Mike, Selting-Smith, Kate, Smith, Rob, Wolf, Chris
2015 D3 – Ignorance is Bliss? History Repeated for Brassica Black Leg in the Pacific Northwest black leg, brassica production, Phoma lingam, Seed Production du Toit, Lindsey
2015 D2 – Irrigation for Drought Drip Irrigation, Drought, Irrigation, water management Peters, Troy
2015 A1 – Sustainable Beef Production for Beginners Beef, breed selection, Budgeting, Marketing, Pasture Management, Record-Keeping Busboom, Jan, Heitstuman, Mark, Kerr, Susan, Robinette, Maurice
2015 C1 – Getting Started with a Small-Scale Dairy Breeding, Cattle, Dairy, Food Safety, Goats, nice dairy, Sheep Conway, Lorie, Kerr, Susan
2015 D1 – Sustainable Pork Production for Beginners breed selection, Budgeting, Marketing, Pasture Management, Pork Busboom, Jan, Heitstuman, Mark, Kerr, Susan
2015 C2 – Creating Healthy Soil and Fertility Using Organic No-Till Combined with Year Round Cover Cropping for the Market Gardener Cover Crop, direct seeding, No Till, Weed Management Miller, Gary, Plant, Amy
2015 – E4 WSDA Organic Program: “Sound and Sensible” app, Farm Walk, Organic Food Program, Sound and Sensible, WSDA Book, Brenda, Granatstein, David
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – I Have Property, Now What? Conservation, Farm Planning, financial planning, property management, resource management Hellie, Dean
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Making Your New Battle Plan: How to Deal with Drought, Fire and Other Forces of Nature cost-share programs, crop insurance, disaster relief, FSA, risk management, RMA Bieker, Chris, Nelson, John, Seufer, Jo Lynne
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – AgrAbility adapting tools, adaptive techniques, disability, farming with disability Chastain, Cindy
2015 – E5 Our Dangling Carrot? Social Change – Identifying and Reaching Your Audience audience, audience development, social change Dublin, Sarah, Dunn, Patrick
2015 – E1 Micro-Dairying on a Biodynamic Farm biodynamic, Dairy, dairy regulation, Microdairy, raw cheese, raw milk Sehmsdorf, Henning
2015 – D4 Leveraging Farmers Markets to Expand Sales Farmers Markets, Marketing, Sales Donovan, Colleen, Kinney, Karen
2015 – C5 Food and Farming Policy Briefing Gray, Ellen, Taylor-Stanley, Ariana
2015 – C4 How to Prepare for Your Lender credit, Financing, loan programs Knopp, Wendy, Schilling, Dan
2015 – C3 The Environmental Footprint of Organic Farming Carbon Sequestration, environmental footprint, greenhouse gases, OFoot Adewale, Cornelius, Carpenter-Boggs, Lynne, Granatstein, David
2015 – A3 Croptime: Scheduling Vegetable Crops Using Degree Days CROPTIME, degree days, scheduling, vegetable production
2015 – B5 Learning from the Land: Farm Internship Programs in Washington State Farm Internship Pilot Program, internship programs, Small Farm Internship Program, WSU Cultivating Success Henwood, Kellie, Kane, Kelly, Lewis, Laura, Soeteber, Tisa
2015 – B3 Measuring Soil Health on the Farm Soil Analysis, Soil Management, Soil Quality Brown, Tabitha, Kahl, Kendall, Morrow, Jason
2015 – A5 How to Adapt and Respond to New Produce Safety Rules: Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Food Safety, Food Safety Modernization Act, FSMA, Gap, Good Agricultural practices, Produce Act Kovacs, Tricia, Ullmann, Karen
2015 – A4 The Voice of the Market: Best Practices for Selling to Retail Grocers and Restaurants in the Intermountain West intermountain, local sales, Marketing, retail sales DePhelps, Colette, Newman, Soren, Williams, Cinda
2015 – A2 Medicinal Crops for Farmers market potential, Medicinal Plants, Permaculture Pilarski, Michael Skeeter