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2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Planning for Pollinators: Creating Pollinator Habitat on Your Farm Bees, Conservation, Habitat, Pollinators, Restoration Sardinas, Hillary
2008-E2 West Side Orchard Insects: Identification Control and Habitat for Ben. Apples, Beneficial, Cherries, Insects, IPM, Orchard, Pears Muehleisen, Dave, Riske, Jules
2011-K Agroecology: Designing a New Agriculture for a Changing Planet Agroecology Food Sovereignty Indigenous Altieri, Miguel
2008-E4 Integrating Animals on Your Farm Animals, Integrating, Meat Blakely, Michaele
2008-E3 Adding Intern Labor to Your Small Farm: Relationships and Agreements Apprenticeship, Intern, Labor Schwartz, Anne
2008-E1 Efficient and Appropriate Use of Farm Equipment Equipment Peroni, Mike
2008-D5 Bringing the Farm to Market: Value-Added Products Business, Certification, Financing, Marketing, Value-Added Bauermeister, David, Merritt, Gary
2008-B5 Local Marketing: Two Multifaceted & Complimentary Business Strategies Branding, Business, Marketing, Niche Brewer, Sally, Eveland, John, Slattery, Rebecca
2008-B3 How to Live with Extreme Weather and Flooding Assistance, Disaster, Flooding, Weather Blakely, Michaele, Hamilton, Rod, Stentz, Larkin
2008-B2 Plant Disease Diagnosis Part One Diagnosis, Disease, Pest, Research du Toit, Lindsey
2008-A3 New & Unusual Varieties of Fruits Nuts and Vegetables Unusual, Varieties Deking, Jennifer, Dolan, Michael, Osborne, Chris
2011-D6 Fire and Iron Hack Equipment, Metal Tractor, Tools Volk, Josh
2011-D5 Raising Target Tree Fruit Sustainably Fruit, Orchard, Price, Target LaPierre, Mark
2011-D4 Advantages of A Rotational Pastured Poultry System Cattle, Chickens, Pasture, Pastured, Pigs, Poultry, Rotation, Sheep, Turkeys Argraves, Jennifer, Sukovaty, Diane
2011-D3 How to Do Your Own On-Farm Vegetable Breeding and Variety Trials On-Farm Breeding, Seeds, Varieties Variety Trials McKenzie, Laurie, Puhich, Julie, Selman, Lane
2011-D2 Farm to Cafeteria: Expanding Opportunities and Overcoming Roadblocks Farm-to-Cafeteria, Institutions, Local, Schools Elias, Becky, Qazi, Joan
2011-D1 Food Safety and the Small Farm/Seguridad de los Alimentos y de la Granja Familiar Food Safety, GAPS, Sanitation Bary, Andy, Cogger, Craig, Killinger, Karen
2011-C6 The State of Washington’s Farmers Markets: What New Research Says About Sustaining Strong Markets Attracting Shoppers and securing a Corner Stall On the Blacktop Direct Markets, Farmers Markets Donovan, Colleen
2011-C5 Extending the Season with High Tunnels EQIP, Extending the Season, Greenhouse, High Tunnels, NRCS Alvarez, Hilario, Mitchell-Wajeeh, Merritt
2011-C2 After the Apprenticeship Apprenticeship, Farm Management, Leasing Land, Small Business Gabiou, Joseph
2011-B6 Farm Paperwork and Business Management Business, Financial, Labor Management, Loan, Plan, Profitability de Vries, Ray, Ostenson, Harold
2011-B5 Soil Organic Matter Minerals and Nutrient Recycling- The Role of Calcium Amendments in Soil Fertility Calcium, Fertility, Minerals, pH, Soil Collins, Doug, Mahrt, Gudrun
2011-B3 Ecological Weed Management Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, Germination, Tillage, Weed Management Benedict, Chris
2011-A6 Good Clean and Fair Food Systems, Slow Food, Terra Madre Hall, Jennifer, Roberts, Albert
2010-E5 Cultivar Evaluation and Management Practices for Day-Neutral Strawberry Production Cultivars, Day-Neutral Strawberry, Research Bellow, John, Carkner, Terry, Collins, Doug, Hall, Jennifer, Hoashi-Erhardt, Wendy
2010-E4 Traditional Pork Charcuterie Butcher, Charcuterie, Pig Page, George, Sheard, Brandon
2010-E3 Getting it Local with Chefs Produce Managers and Farmers Chefs, Direct, Farmers, Local O'Shea, Brendon, Williams, Karyn
2010-E2 Innovative Ways to Get Farmers on the Land and Preserve Farmland Easements, Farmland, Land, Leases Campbell, Melissa, Dean, Kate, Gardow, Katherine
2010-E1 Alternative Control Methods for Crucifer Flea Beetle Crucifer Flea Beetle, Pest Burrows, Colleen, Fontaine, Amy, McNicholl, Roslyn
2010-D4 Farm to Cafeteria: Overcoming Challenges of Selling to Institutions Farm-to-Cafeteria Market Armstrong, Kia, Cosler, Candace
2010-D3 Sustainability of Fibers and Textiles: A Small Scale Wool Farmer’s Perspective Fiber Textiles Hagenhofer, Faith
2010-D2 How a Lender Makes a Credit Decision Credit Lending Martinez, Francisco, Mattox, Guillermo
2010-D1 Alternative Forage and Fodder Crops for Livestock Production Crop Rotation, Fodder, Forage, Trials Benedict, Chris, Corbin, Andrew
2011-C4 Using Technology to Increase Sales and Efficiency Data Management, Record-Keeping, Sales Efficiency, Social Media, Technology, Website Carkner, Terry, Salafsky, Anna, Ujcic, Sue
2010-C4 Scaling Up Your Value Added Processing Business, Processing, Value-Added Middleton, Lori, Nelson, Dale
2010-C3 Nature Scaping and Beneficial Insect Management for Pest Control Beneficial, Insect, Pest Control, Pest Management, Predator, Prey Blakely, Michaele, Chichester, Scott
2010-C2 The Value of Grains in Whole Farm Systems with How to Close the Feedstore Loop Farm Systems, Feed, Grains Gibbs, Grant, Gibbs, Grant, Jones, Stephen
2010-C1 Converting Agricultural Vehicles and Mobile Equipment to Electric Power Convert Vehicles, Electric Tractor Johnson-Rodriguez, Ron
2010-B5 Wilts Blights Rot Damping-Off: How to Avoid the Calling Cards of Soil and Seedborne Pathogens Damping-Off, Fusarium Wilt, Limestone, Pathogens, Seed, Seedling Alcala, Avi, Gatch, Emily
2010-B4 How to Make a CSA Pay CSA, Home Delivery Salafsky, Anna
2010-B3 Spotted Wing Drosophila: Identification Monitoring and Management Strategies for Organic Growers Spotted Winged Drosophilia Muehleisen, Dave
2010-B2 Growing Healthier Starts in the Greenhouse Fungus, Germination, Gnats, Greenhouse, Shore Fly, Starts Kutz, Alison, Miller, Jeff
2010-B1 Seasonal Eating from a Sheep’s Perspective; Beginning Pasture Management and Fodder Crops Fertility, Fodder Crops, Forage, Grazing, Pasture, Pasture Management, Rotational, Sheep Dunlop, Bruce
2010-A5 Apple Cultivars Fruit Tree Grafting and Espalier Techniques Apple, Cultivars, Espalier, Grafting, Orchard, Rootstock Schieber, Gil
2010-A4 The State of Organic Seed: Results of a National Survey of Organic Seed Users GMOs, Organic, Seed Breeding Colley, Michaela, Dillon, Matthew
2010-A3 Breaking in New Ground Soil Soil Fertility, Soil Types, Tillage Tools Huber, Nash
2010-A2 Nitrogen Management and Cover Crops in Organic Vegetables: The Oregon State University Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator Fertilizers, Nitrogen Cover Crop Calculator, Trials Andrews, Nick, Bronec, Jim, Brown, David, Sullivan, Dan
2009-A1 El Programa de Alimentos Organicos/The Organic Food Program Certification, WSDA Webster, Georgana
2009-E5 Organic Dairy Goat Herd Health Dairy, Goats, Health, Herd, Management Welch, Vicky
2009-E4 Seaberry Honeyberry Hardy Kiwi and Other Unique and Hardy Fruits Fruit, Honeyberry, Kiwi, Niche, Seaberry Gilbert, Jim
2009-E3 Small Scale Grain Production Barley, Grain, Milling, Oats, Quinoa, Spelt, Threshing, Trticale, Wheat Hoagland, Lori, Huber, Nash, Murphy, Kevin
2009-E2 Virtual Farm Walk: Let Us Farm Where Ecology and Sustainability are Paramount Cover Crops, Habitat, Housing, Intern, Rotation, Transition Boulais, Cecelia, Hallstrom, Steve
2009-E1 Las Cinco C de Credito/ The Five C’s of Credit Beginning, Loan Credit, USDA Flores, Malaquias, Garza, Dave, Martinez, Francisco, Paredes, Sergio
2009-D5 Innovative Marketing Cooperatives Business, Co-Op, Cooperative Price, Marketing Bowman, Eric, Woods, Watershine
2009-D4 Organic Orchard Floor Management Control, Orchard, Orchard Floor, Weed Granatstein, David
2009-D2 Nutritional Value of Organic Food and How to Improve It Density, Diet, Nutrient, Nutritional, Quality Andrews, Nick
2009-D1 Buena Practicá para el Cultivo de Verduras en el Centro-sur de Washington/ Good Growing Practices for Vegetables in South Central Washington Crop, Eastern Washington, Row, Vegetable Alvarez, Hilario
2009-C5 Merchandising and Marketing for Farmers Markets & Farm Stands Direct, Farm Stands, Farmers Markets, Marketing, Merchandising LeBlanc, George
2009-C4 Hay and Row Crop Equipment Crop, Cultivator, Equipment, Hay, Rototiller, Row Carlton, Dennis, Roberts, Albert
2009-C3 Organic Pasture and Forage Forage, Grasses, Legumes, Livestock, Pasture Fransen, Steve
2009-C2 Biopesticides: What’s New What’s Hot and What’s Not Biopesticides, Pest Management Muehleisen, Dave
2009-C1 Seguridad de los Alimentos y de la Granja Familiar/Food Safety and the Small Farm Food Safety, GAPS Bary, Andy, Cogger, Craig, Killinger, Karen
2009-B5 What do Produce Retailers Want? Home Delivery, Market, Produce, Purchasing, Retailers Boyle, Caroline, Dempster, Diane, Pulicicchio, Joe, Shepherd, Allan
2009-B4 Pest Management of Aphids Leafhoppers and Maggots Aphid, Leafhopper, Maggot, Pest Management Dreves, Amy
2009-B3 Reintegrating Livestock and Horticultural Crop Farming Farming System, Livestock Clark, Dr. E. Ann
2009-B2 Mustard Crop Manures for Potato Production Fertility, Green Manures, Mustard, Rotation Bailie, Brad, McGuire, Andy
2009-A4 Growing Organic Table Grapes and Hops Grapes, Hops, Trellis Lynn, Marilynn, Lynn, Rick, Perrault, Jason
2009-A5 Beefing Up the Palouse: Planned Grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasses Carbon Sequestration, CRP, Grass, Grazing, Holistic Management, Planned Robinette, Maurice
2009-A3 Seed Saving on the Farm Germination, Pollination, Seed Saving, Selection Cornwoman, Mariah
2009-A2 Soil and Plant Nutrient Management Amendment, Compost Tea Crop Rotation, Composting, Cover Crops, Fertilizer, Soil Cantisano, Amigo Bob
2013 – E2 Organic Quinoa Production Downy Mildew, Heat Tolerance, Marketing, Nutritional Value, Pre=Harvest Sprouting, Processing, Quinoa, Saponins, Seed Cleaning, Varieties Ian Clark, Murphy, Kevin
2013 – E4 Tools For Sustainable Farm Partnerships Agreements, Contracts, Greif, Partnerships, Relationships, Separation Candib, Addie
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Better Farming Through Plastics: Season Extension, Mulch and More! Mulch, plastic, Season Extension Cowan, Jeremy, Ghimire, Shuresh
2008-B1 Compost Teas and Compost Extracts in the Era of Food Safety Compost, Compost Tea, Food Safety Scheuerell, Steve
2008-A5 Nutrient Management and Soil Ecology Cover Crops, Management, Nutrient, Research, Soil Amendments, Soil Ecology Cogger, Craig
2008-A4 Integrating Biodynamics into Your Farming System Biodynamics, Farming, System Lia, Barry, Sehmsdorf, Henning
2008-A2 Organic Potatoes OSPUD, Potatoes, Research, Trials Terpstra, Tim, Volk, Josh
2008-A1 Certified Organic Greenhouse Production Fertility, Hydroponic, Organic McHenry, Blair
2013-Learning From Elders Roundtable Characteristics for Success, Cohesion, Commitment, Elders, Lominger Competency List, Mission, Passion, Perserverance, Sharing Granatstein, David, Lynn, Marilynn, Meyer, Jim, Musick, Mark, Razey, Bill, Schwartz, Anne
2013 – Symposium A – Producing Pastured Poultry: Feed and Breeds for Broilers and Layers Cost Efficiency, Mixing Feed, Nutrition, Pastured Birds Hermes, James
2013 – Symposium B – Managing Pastured Poultry on the Farm Best Practices, Breeds, Brewer's yeast, Brooder, Camelina, Chick Health, Compatability, Feed, Grit, Kelp, Mash, Procssing, Soaking, Varieties Barker, Melissa
2013 – Symposium C – Meat Quality in Small Ruminants Biosecurity, Cuts, Genetics, Nutrition, Parasite Resistance, Weighing Scale Busboom, Jan
2013 – Symposium D – Building Topsoil with Livestock and Crop Rotation and On-Farm Production of BAlanced Feed Rotations for Chickens, Pigs, and Turkeys Blends, Chickens, Crown S Ranch, Fertility, Finishing Cattle on Pasture, Nutrition, Turkeys, Yield Argraves, Jennifer, Sukovaty, Diane
2013 – Symposium E – Processing, Marketing, and Regulations for Poultry and Small Ruminants Direct Marketing, Marketing, Processing, Regulations, Small-Scale, WSDA Barker, Melissa, Busboom, Jan, Coles, Claudia
2013 – A1 Weed Management in Organic Vegetable Production (Beginning Farmer Series) Conditions, Cover Crops, Mulches, Organic Herbicides, Practices, Prevention, Seed Meals Bailie, Brad, Boydston, Rick
2013 – A2 Growing Seeds for the Market Place: Strategies Challenges, Regulations Greenbank Farms, Inspection, Marketing, Production, Regulations, Scale, Tests, WSDA Babcock, Jessica, Barrentine, Patrice
2013 – B1 Crop Planning Using Spreadsheets (Beginning Farmer Series) Bookkeeping, Bottom Line, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Efficiency, Excel Spreadsheets, Field Mapping, Planning, Systems Warner, Becky
2013 – B2 Fire Blight Control in Organic Orchards: New Practices to Adapt to Changing Standards Alternatives, Bio Controls, Bloom Time, Competing Controls, Cougar Blight, Demand for Apples, Diversity, Integrated Preventative Mgt., Pollinators, Prevention, Research, Soluable Coppers, Stay calm- Don't give up Book, Brenda, Keogh, Brian, Nate Lewis, Ostenson, Harold, Smith, Tim
2013 – B3 Food Safety Compliance & Communication Audits, Certifications, Food Safety, Food Saftey Planning for the Farm, FSMA, Gap, Preventive Practices, WSDA Coles, Claudia, Sherryl Stiltenow
2013 – B4 Why We Farm and Work With Food – Moments and Memory Generational Transfer, Memoirs, Poetry, Sharing, Writing Masumoto, David Mas
2013 – C1 Reduced-Till Cover Cropping For Weed Management (Beginning Farmer Series) Cascadian Home Farm, Flail Mower, Nitrogen, Roller/Crimper, Squash and Pumpkins, Varieties for Mulching, Weed-supression Meyer, Jim, Wayman, Sandra
2013 – C2 Are Value-Added Products And A Commercial Kitchen Right For Your Farm? Adding Products, Drying, Food Processor License, Freezing Canning, Inspections, Lessons Learned, Organic Certification for Processing Facility, WSDA Lynn, Marilynn, Lynn, Rick
2013 – C4 Storytelling: The Soul Power Of Food Editing, Preparation, Process, Writing Masumoto, Nikiko
2013 – C3 What’s Bugging Your Farm? Problem Solving, Roundtable, Solutions Muehleisen, Dave
2013 – C5 Using High Tunnels For Crop Production AIr Circulation, Design, Do-it-Yourself Construction, Maximizing Alley Space, Passive Heat, Roll-up Walls, SHelters for Animals Cowan, Jeremy, Craig, Kyle
2013 – D2 Marketing Psychology: Using Best Strategies to Generate Increased Market Sales Booth Display, Eating Culture, EBT, Farmers Markets, Leveraging Sales, Photographs, Robin Crowder, Transactions, WSFMA Kinney, Karen, Robin Crowder
2013 – D1 Leasing Land For Farming (Beginning Farmer Series) Access Points, Adjacent Uses, Agreement, Buffers, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Farm Link, Filaree garlic, Handshake, Infrastructure, Landlord, Lease Template, Map, Permitting, Zoning Bishop, Stephen, Swiss, Alley, Wilcox, Sarah
2013 – D3 Need Money to Buy Or Improve Your Farm? En Espanol, Farm Service Agency, Human Links, Marquez Farm, Microloans, Minority Producers, Northwest Farm Credit Services, OnePacifcCoast Bank Easterbrooks, Jae, Garza, Crispin, Marquez, Lilia, Marquez, Sergio, Ruiz, Cristina Alvarez, Viebrock, Margaret
2013 – D4 Renewable Energy On The Farm Community-Based Alerntive Energy, Conservation, Converter, Crown S Ranch, Efficiency, Energy Audit, Local Energy Movmement, Northwest SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, Passive Solar, Renewable Energy, Solar Panels Argraves, Jennifer, Devine, Mia, Sukovaty, Louis
2013 – D5 Reliable Prosperity: Financial Planning Within HOlistic Management Farm Planning, Holistic Management, Living Wage, Spreadsheets Robinette, Maurice, Thatcher, April
2013 – E3 Organic Pest Management In Orchards & Berries IPM - Integrated Pest Management, Organically-grown Fruits, Pests Bush, Michael, Tonnemaker, Kole
2013 – E5 Integrating Honey Bees Into Your Farm Operation Beekeeper Problems, Bees, Coddling Moth, Honey, Honey Bee Gneetics, Honeybee Adaptations, Honeybee Global Genetic History, Mites, Orchard, Stock Selection Bishop, Stephen, Sheppard, Walter
2003-E1 Conservaton Security Program (CSP): What is in it for you? Conservation, CSP, Security Program
2015 Capnote – Living the Dream: Farming in my Lifetime diversified vegetables, Skagit Valley de Vries, Ray
2014 – Keynote – Generation Food: Breaking Rules to Feed the World Food Systems, global agriculture, sustainability Patel, Raj
2015 Keynote – Moving Agriculture into the 21st Century conservation agriculture, integrated agriculture, Organic Agriculture, sustainable practices Reganold, John
2015 E3 – The State of Organic Seed GMO contamination, Organic Seed Alliance, Plant Breeding, Seed Production, State of Organic Seed Hubbard, Kiki
2015 E2 – Flower Production: The Farmer to Florist Movement Flower Production, Flowers, Fresh Cut Flowers, Marketing Asmus, Emily
2015 D5 – Challenges and Opportunities in Growing New Farm Businesses: Veterans and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers farmer training, Latino, Veterans, Viva Farms, WSU Small Farms team Hackett, Mike, Selting-Smith, Kate, Smith, Rob, Wolf, Chris
2015 D3 – Ignorance is Bliss? History Repeated for Brassica Black Leg in the Pacific Northwest black leg, brassica production, Phoma lingam, Seed Production du Toit, Lindsey
2015 D2 – Irrigation for Drought Drip Irrigation, Drought, Irrigation, water management Peters, Troy
2015 A1 – Sustainable Beef Production for Beginners Beef, breed selection, Budgeting, Marketing, Pasture Management, Record-Keeping Busboom, Jan, Heitstuman, Mark, Kerr, Susan, Robinette, Maurice
2015 C1 – Getting Started with a Small-Scale Dairy Breeding, Cattle, Dairy, Food Safety, Goats, nice dairy, Sheep Conway, Lorie, Kerr, Susan
2015 D1 – Sustainable Pork Production for Beginners breed selection, Budgeting, Marketing, Pasture Management, Pork Busboom, Jan, Heitstuman, Mark, Kerr, Susan
2015 C2 – Creating Healthy Soil and Fertility Using Organic No-Till Combined with Year Round Cover Cropping for the Market Gardener Cover Crop, direct seeding, No Till, Weed Management Miller, Gary, Plant, Amy
2015 – E4 WSDA Organic Program: “Sound and Sensible” app, Farm Walk, Organic Food Program, Sound and Sensible, WSDA Book, Brenda, Granatstein, David
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – I Have Property, Now What? Conservation, Farm Planning, financial planning, property management, resource management Hellie, Dean
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – Making Your New Battle Plan: How to Deal with Drought, Fire and Other Forces of Nature cost-share programs, crop insurance, disaster relief, FSA, risk management, RMA Bieker, Chris, Nelson, John, Seufer, Jo Lynne
2015 Farm-a-Palouse-a – AgrAbility adapting tools, adaptive techniques, disability, farming with disability Chastain, Cindy
2015 – E5 Our Dangling Carrot? Social Change – Identifying and Reaching Your Audience audience, audience development, social change Dublin, Sarah, Dunn, Patrick
2015 – E1 Micro-Dairying on a Biodynamic Farm biodynamic, Dairy, dairy regulation, Microdairy, raw cheese, raw milk Sehmsdorf, Henning
2015 – D4 Leveraging Farmers Markets to Expand Sales Farmers Markets, Marketing, Sales Donovan, Colleen, Kinney, Karen
2015 – C5 Food and Farming Policy Briefing Gray, Ellen, Taylor-Stanley, Ariana
2015 – C4 How to Prepare for Your Lender credit, Financing, loan programs Knopp, Wendy, Schilling, Dan
2015 – C3 The Environmental Footprint of Organic Farming Carbon Sequestration, environmental footprint, greenhouse gases, OFoot Adewale, Cornelius, Carpenter-Boggs, Lynne, Granatstein, David
2015 – A3 Croptime: Scheduling Vegetable Crops Using Degree Days CROPTIME, degree days, scheduling, vegetable production
2015 – B5 Learning from the Land: Farm Internship Programs in Washington State Farm Internship Pilot Program, internship programs, Small Farm Internship Program, WSU Cultivating Success Henwood, Kellie, Kane, Kelly, Lewis, Laura, Soeteber, Tisa
2015 – B3 Measuring Soil Health on the Farm Soil Analysis, Soil Management, Soil Quality Brown, Tabitha, Kahl, Kendall, Morrow, Jason
2015 – A5 How to Adapt and Respond to New Produce Safety Rules: Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Food Safety, Food Safety Modernization Act, FSMA, Gap, Good Agricultural practices, Produce Act Kovacs, Tricia, Ullmann, Karen
2015 – A4 The Voice of the Market: Best Practices for Selling to Retail Grocers and Restaurants in the Intermountain West intermountain, local sales, Marketing, retail sales DePhelps, Colette, Newman, Soren, Williams, Cinda
2015 – A2 Medicinal Crops for Farmers market potential, Medicinal Plants, Permaculture Pilarski, Michael Skeeter
2014 – Symposium: Holistic Management for Specialty Crop Producers, Part 2 Business Plan, Farm Planning, Holistic Management, Specialty Crops Robinette, Maurice, Thatcher, April
2014 – E5 Farm Financing Business Management, Cash Flow, Credit Lending, Farm Finances, Farm Planning, Finance Management, Financing, Loans, Microloans Iscovitz, Nancy, Phillips, Vianna, Smith, Lisa
2014 – Symposium: Holistic Management for Specialty Crop Producers, Part 3 Business Plan, Farm Planning, Finance Management, Holistic Management Robinette, Maurice, Thatcher, April
2014 – Symposium: Growing For Nutrition, Part 2 Bread Lab, Gluten, Grains, Nutrition, Plant Breeding, Processing Grains Jones, Stephen
2014 – Symposium: Holistic Management for Specialty Crop Producers, Part 1 Farm Management, Farm Planning, Finance Management, Holistic Management, Specialty Crops Robinette, Maurice, Thatcher, April
2014 – Symposium: Growing for Nutrition, Part 4 Food Traditions, Grains, Nutritional Value Jones, Stephen, Krohn, Elise, Robinson, Jo, Segrest, Valerie
2014 – Symposium: Growing for Nutrition, Part 3 Fruit, Nutritional Value, Varieties, Vegetables Jones, Stephen, Krohn, Elise, Robinson, Jo, Segrest, Valerie
2014 – Symposium: Growing For Nutrition, Part 1 Food Traditions, Nutritional Value, Organic Practices Jones, Stephen, Krohn, Elise, Robinson, Jo, Segrest, Valerie
2014 – E6 Cover Crops: Rye Not Vetch Some Oats, Peas? Biomass, Clover, Cover Crop, Nutrient Management, Oats, Peas, Rye, Vetch, Winter Cover Crop Latham, Scott
2014 – E4 Sustainable Honeybees Beekeeping, Bees, honeybees, Pollination, Pollinators Freeman, Jacqueline
2014 – D3 The Benefits of Season Extension Farm Infrastructure, Greenhouse, High Tunnels, Season Extension, Winterizing Cowan, Jeremy, Cox, Gabe, MacCormack, Harry
2014 – D6 Land Access and Preservation Farmland Preservation, land access, Land Trust, Leases, Leasing Land Canty, Dennis, Hulse, Dan
2014 – D5 Livestock: Proactively Preventing Parasite Problems animal husbandry, dewormers, Goats, Livestock, livestock parasites, Parasite Resistance, Sheep Kerr, Susan
2014 – D2 Farm to School: Reasons, Rules, and Realities Documentation, Farm to School, Food Safety, Nutrition Kovacs, Tricia, McGreevy, Jim, Qazi, Joan
2014 – D1 Designing for Plant Disease Management on Your Organic Vegetable Farm Disease Diagnosis, Disease Management, plant disease, vegetable production Stone, Alexandra
2014 – Capnote – An Agrarian Legacy: Institutionalizing the Work of a Self-Described Crank and the Kindest of Fathers agriculture of the middle, berry center, Small Farms, Wendell Berry Berry, Mary
2014 – C6 Food and Farming Policy Briefing: All You Need to Know to Advocate in 2015 Farm Bill, Farm Policy, Food Policy, Food Safety, National Organic Program, Policy Briefing, Regulations Gray, Ellen, McEvoy, Miles, Taylor-Stanley, Ariana
2014 – C4 Part 2: Integrating Permaculture into Farming Systems: Patterning a New Agriculture Permaculture, permaculture design Fullmer, Jim, Lia, Barry
2014 – C3 Equipment, Ergonomics, and Efficiency on the Small Farm Efficiency, Equipment, ergonomics, Tools Volk, Josh
2014 – C2 Imagine Organic Solutions: Spotted Wing Drosophila and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Biological Control, Brown Marmorated Stinkbug, Pest Management, Spotted Wing Drosophila Dreves, Amy
2014 – C1 New Apple Orchard Development: From the Soil Up Apple Orchard, cider apple production, hard cider, new orchard, Orcharding, sweet apples Gunn, Nick, Kisler, Keith, Mazzola, Mark
2014 – B6 Aphids: Biologically Based Pest Management Strategies Aphids, Beneficial Insects, Pest Management Muehleisen, Dave
2014 – B5 The Economics of Biodynamic Agriculture associative economics, Biodynamics Sehmsdorf, Henning
2014 – B4 Part 1: Integrating Permaculture into Farming Systems: Patterning a New Agriculture evolutionary agriculture, Permaculture, permaculture design Millison, Andrew, Pilarski, Michael Skeeter, Tipping, Don
2014 – B3 Opportunities for New Marketing Arrangements: Maximizing Avenues of Distribution Community Supported Agriculture, Direct Marketing, Farmers Markets, Food Hubs, Marketing Channels, Wholesale Market Schwartz, Anne, Thornton, Tom
2014 – B2 Tools for Creating a Nutrient Management Plan in Organic Systems ammendments, Fertilizer, Irrigation, Nutrient, nutrient application, Nutrient Management Bowell, Ben, Collins, Doug, McCurdy, Adam
2014 – B1 Fundamentals of Seed Production Genetics, plant reproduction, Seed, seed library, Seed Production, Seed Saving Moore, Caitlin
2014 – A3 From Hoof to Plate: Business Essentials for Meat Producers Business Management, Meat Processing, Selling Meat Thistlethwaite, Rebecca
2014 – A4 The Next Generation of Farmers and Eaters: Changing the Food System though Education beginning farmers, Education, Young Farmers O'Neill, Stuart, Wheat, Beth
2014 – A6 Urban Farming: Gateway to Agriculture Urban Agriculture, Urban Farm Allan, Bryan, Neth, Warren, Warner, Becky
2014 – A5 Scaling-Up: Exploring Selling to Wholesale Markets Documentation, Packaging, postharvest handling, Scale, Wholesale, Wholesale Market Armstrong, Kia, Fairchild, Jeff, Siri, Joe
2014 – A2 Farming with Beneficial Insects: Ecological Strategies for Pest Management and Pollination Bees, Beneficial Insects, Open Pollination, Pest Control, Pest Management, Pollination Lee-Mader, Eric
2008-K Organic No Till No Till Soil, Organic Matter, Soil
2012-Keynote Small Farmers Leading the World through New Approaches to Agriculture Desertification, Holistic Management, Livestock Production, Policies and Practices, Soil Erosion Savory, Allan
2012-C3 Protecting Organic Integrity in the Face of GMOs Economic Impacts, Interface Of GE And Regulatory Systems, Policy Hubbard, Kiki
2012-C2 Raising and Grazing Quality Grass for Dairy and Beef Production Environmental And Health Benefits, Fertility Rates, Indoor Hydroponic Barley Fodder Sprouting System, oil life, Paradigm Shift, Pasture Rotation Dykstra, Andrew, Short, Roger
2012-C1 Essential Recordkeeping for Farm and Business (Beginning Farmer Series) Budgeting, Food Safety, Organic Certification, Planning, Systems, Taxes Barker, Melissa, Jaeckel, Brad
2012-B3 The Small Farmer’s Role in Leading the World to a Safer Place Global Problems, Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Erosion Savory, Allan
2012-B4 Off the Farm and Into the Marketplace: Growing Relationships to Sell Your Products Brand Development, Customer Relationships, Marketing, Service Pulicicchio, Joe
2012-B1 Soil Fertility Testing and Soil Amendments (Beginning Farmer Series) Amendment Plan and Applications, Nutrient Management, Sampling, Testing and Results Cogger, Craig
2012-A3 Seed Concentration: Barriers and Opportunities for the Organic Seed Community Biotechnology, Breeder Rights, Community-Based Systems, Intellectual Property Protections, Patents Hubbard, Kiki
2012-B2 Feeding and Grazing Poultry & Small Ruminants Ascites Syndrome, Feeders, Fencing, Mobile Hoop House, No Spray Grains and Feed, Pasture mgt, Soil Fertility Ambauen-Meade, Diana, Zakarison, Eric
2012-B5 Growing Organic Berries Day-Neutral Strawberries, Labor Requirements, Marketing, Raised Beds, Renovating Plantings, Research Carkner, Terry, Walters, Tom
2012-C5 Learning Off the Land: Developing Farm Internship Programs Academic Schedules, Curriculum Development, FIELD, Graduates, Hands-On Lewis, Laura, Thornton, Tom
2012-A4 Soil Ecology and Soil Fertility in Organic Farming Systems Management Practices, N2 Release and Uptake, Nutrients, On-Farm Research, Soil Health Collins, Doug
2012-D5 Opportunities and Adventures in Mushroom Growing Fecal Coliform, HEPA Filter, Mycelium, Myco Remediation, Re-Purposing Urban Waste Streams, Storm Water Filter Winstead, Alex
2012-D3 Winter Cover Cropping and Reduced Tillage in Organic Vegetable Production: Current Research and Farmer Perspectives Bail Mowers, Cover Crop Varieties, Roller/Crimper, Strip Tiller, Trials Barricklow, Colin, Collins, Doug
2012-A2 The Mobile Meat Processing Unit (MPU): Its Successes and Failures Business Plan, Financing, Local Meat Processing, Marketing, Member Equity, Staffing Ouellette, Cheryl, Vojkovich, Eiko, Vojkovich, George
2012-A1 Farming on Land You Don’t Own: Issues to Consider (Beginning Farmer Series) Farm Infrastructure, Land Use Laws, Leases, Regulations, Struggles, Zoning Colby, Marko, Gardow, Katherine
2012-D4 Tools and Implement Use for Organic Production & High Tensile Fencing 101 New Zealand Fence, Small Scale Cultivating Techniques, Voltage, Wire Spacing Gunning, John, Hopkins, Jesse, Shaw, Liam
2012-E1 Diversified Marketing for Profitability and Risk Management (Beginning Farmer Series) CSA Program, Nuts, Wholesale Variety, Wreaths, Year-Round Workforce Burrows, Clayton
2012-E2 Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Good Handling Practices (GHP) Certification Audit Process, Documentation, Standards Dragoo, Chuck, Kovacs, Tricia, Thomson, Emily
2012-E3 Hands On Seed Saving Basics Harvest, Isolation, Morphology, Population Size, Processing, Storage, Techniques, Vocabulary Moore, Caitlin
2012-E4 The Bugs and Slugs that Ate Washington State Brown Marmorated Stinkbug, Detecting New Insects, Pest Threats, Spotted Wing Drosophila Murray, Todd
2012-E5 Traditional Charcuterie Animal Processing, Farm/Home Economics, Husbandry, Peasant Food, Pigs, Slaughter, Traditional Meat Curing Sheard, Brandon
2012-WSU Symposium Seeding the Future 1 of 3 Adaptive Research, Breeders, Germplasm Development, History of Plant Genetic Resources, Intellectual Property, Plant Genetic Commons Lewis, Laura, Patzek, Lucas, Schwartz, Anne
2013-Keynote Nourishing the Future: Cultivating Our Farming Legacy 2013 Keynote Masumoto, David Mas, Masumoto, Nikiko
2011-S1 Symposium Dryland Organic Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest Dryland, Grains, Marketing Huggins, Dave, Roberts, Albert
2011-S2 Symposium Research Blight, Fire, Research, Spotted Winged Drosophila
2011-S3 Symposium Microdairy Dairy, Feed, Livestock, Microdairy, Nutrition Babcock, Lori, Babcock, Ruth, Campbell, Sharon, Sackman, Jaime
2011-S4 Symposium Policy Advocacy, Bill, Farm, Food Safety, Intern, Legislation, Policy
2011-A1 Working Effectively with Cultural Barriers/Trabajar con Éxito con las Barreras Culturales Barriers, Cultural, Labor, Latino, Spanish Workers Moreno Sills, Amy, Moreno, Agustin
2011-A2 Beginning a Farming Life: Getting Started with Vegetables Beginning, Vegetables McMillan, Kelleigh
2011-A3 Cover Cropping Strategies for Organic Growers Cover Crops, Rotation Baird, Jim, Cogger, Craig
2011-A4 Take Control of Your Own Fruit Marketing Fruit, Marketing, Packing, Shed
2011-A5 Horse Power at Welcome Table Farm Draft, Horse, Horse Power
2011-B1 All About the Organic Certification Process/Todo sobre el Proceso de la Certificación Orgánica Certification, WSDA
2011-B2 Poultry Breeds for Small Farm Meat Production Birds, Breeds, Cornish, Cross, Meat, Pastured, Poultry Brown, Taya
2011-B4 Biodiversity and Pest Management in Orchards and Vineyards of Chile and California Biodiversity, Cover Crops, Intercropping, Pest Management, Weed Management Altieri, Miguel
2011-C1 Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems/Biodiversidad y Manejo de Plagas an Agroecosistemas Agroecosystems, Biodiversity, Diversified, Mulch, Pest
2011-C3 Pests from Hell: The Latest on Spotted Winged Drosophila Brown Marmolated Stink Bug and Fire Blight Antibiotic, Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs, Fire Blight, Pests, Spotted Wing Drosophila Muehleisen, Dave
2011-E1 Building Your Cheese Business: The Case of Queseria Bendita/Empezar su Negocio de Queso: El Ejemplo de Queseria Bendita Business, Cheese, Licensing Aguilar, Sandra
2011-E2 Farming with a Family Family, Kids, Women
2011-E3 Clopyralid and Aminopyralid: Practical Advice for Avoiding Contamination and Strategies for Remediation Aminopyralid, Clopyralid, Contamination, Remediation Slattery, Rebecca
2011-E4 Innovative Practices for Better Farming: Drip Irrigation and Brassica Green Manure Crops Brassica Green Manure, Drip Irrigation, Nematodes Anderson, Brian, Geis, Dale
2011-E5 Saving Energy on the Farm Alternative, Energy, Equipment Barrentine, Patrice
2011-E6 Food Safety for Organic Farmers: Protect Your Customers and Farm Certification, Food Safety, GAPS, Insurance, Liability Book, Brenda, Musick, Mark, Ross, Sarah
2010-F1 Policy Issues Affecting Washington’s Small Farms Internship, Legislative, Pilot, Policy, Program, Tax
2010-F2 Measuring the Foodprint of Organic Agriculture Carbon Life Cycle Assessment, Climate, Sequester
2010-K The Next Wave of Change in Agriculture the Food System and Rural America Food System, Rural Communities Hassebrook, Chuck
2010-A1 Native Pollinators on Organic Farms: Identifying Managing and Creating Habitat Bees, Biodiversity, Conservation, Pollinators
2010-C5 Replacing the Bias toward Bigness in Policy with Investment in Opportunity Farm Bill, Food System, Policy, Rural Communities
2010-D5 Farmer Roundtable on Pest Management Strategies: What Works; What Doesn’t Work? Aphids, Fire Blight, Flea Beetles, Mummy Berry, Pest Management, Spotted Winged Drosophila
2009-F1 The Future of Farming with Washington State Dept. of Agriculture WSDA
2009-F2 Forming Your Own Tilth Chapter: Talk Stories and Tips Tilth, Washington
2009-F3 Saving Organic Farmland Forever: Lessons Learned in Pierce County Farmland, Land, Trust
2009-K Organic and Sustainable: The Common Ground Food System, Keynote, Local, Organic, Slow Food, Sustainable Clark, Dr. E. Ann
2009-B1 Manejo Integal de Plagas: Manejando la Palomilla de Manzana y las Plagas Secundarias en Sistemas de Huertas Orgánicas/IPM: Managing Codling Moth and Secondary Pests in Organic Apple Orchard Systems Apple Orchard, Codling Moth, IPM, Pest Management
2009-D3 Pastured Poultry Processing Meat, Pastured Poultry, Poultry, Processing
2009-D6 Fire and Iron Equipment, Hack, Metal, Tools, Tractor
2008-B4 Organic No Till: Best of Both Worlds Compost, Cover Crops, Mulches, No Till, Soils
2008-C1 Greenhouse Propagation and Season Extension Greenhouse, Propagation, Season Extension
2008-C2 Plant Disease Diagnosis Part Two Agriculture, Livestock, Organic Standards
2008-C3 Organic Standards-State National and International Issues Farm Bill Certification, Inspections, Requirements, WSDA
2008-C4 Hay and Pasture Management West of the Cascades Hay, Livestock, Management, Pasture
2008-C5 Fascinating Food Safety Facts for Farmers Food Safety
2008-D1 On-Farm Composting: Static Aerated Pile Method & Roundtable Amendment, Blueberries, Compost, Composting, Mulch, Raspberries, Soil
2008-D2 Pest Management of Slugs and Cabbage Moths Cabbage, Maggot, No Till, Pest Management, Slug
2008-D3 Integrating Organic Seed into a Diversified Farm On-Farm Breeding, Organic Seed Grain Feed Cover Crops
2008-D4 Ancient Farming: A Tale of Roman Agricultural Sustainability Agriculture, Ancient, Roman
2008-E5 Water Law-Updates from the Field Water Law
2007-1A What Retailers Want Retailers
2007-1B Opportunities for Grain Growers Grain
2007-1C The Market for Organic Dairy and Meat Products Dairy
2007-2A Brokers Serving the Grower Broker
2007-2B New Directions in Processed Products Added, Processed, Value
2007-2C Expanding Sources of Organic Livestock Feed Feed
2007-F1 Virtual Farm Walks: Showcasing Successful Farmers Farm System, Feed, Grains Galadram, Nadja, Lucy, Brooke, Lucy, Sam, Pigman, Jan
2007-F2 Farm Bill 2007: Funding Opportunities Farmbill Bruckner, Traci
2007-F3 The Cultivating Success Program Cultivating, Mentor, Success
2007-K Cultivating the Family Farm Community, Livelihood, Right Miller, Lynn
2007-A1 How to Begin Farming or How to Get Rich on Three Acres Beginning, Farm Business, Labor, Record-Keeping
2007-A3 Incorporating Seed Production and Variety Trials into Your Organic Farm Breeding, Farming Systems, Seed Production, Seed Variety, Trials
2007-A4 Soil Fertility and Weed Control in the Organic Orchard Orchard, Soil Fertility, Weed Control
2007-A5 Implementing Conservation Biological Control Assessment, Beneficial, Biodiversity, Biological Control, Conservation, Pollinator
2007-B1 Living on the Land: Finding and Acquiring Farmland Resources Farmland, FSA, Land
2007-B2 Farming with Horses in the 21st Century Farming, Horse, Horses, Mules
2007-B3 Pest Management in the Organic Orchard Orchard, Pest Management Stephens, Nick
2007-B4 Irrigation Techniques and Funding Drip, Irrigation, Sprinkler Fesler, Don, Schwartz, Anne
2007-B5 How to Develop a Crop Nutrient Budget Based on Your Soil Analysis Report Management, Nutrient, Sample, Soil Analysis Bary, Andy, Muehleisen, Dave
2007-C1 Farm Machinery and Maintenance Equipment, Maintenance, Tools, Tractor de Vries, Ray, Gibbs, Grant
2007-C2 No-Till Organic Farming Systems: Potential and Current Experience Farming Systems, No Till Huggins, Dave
2007-C3 Cheese-Making: Facilities Regulations and Getting Started Cheese, Dairy Hunter, Carey, Paris, M. Clare
2007-C4 Biologically-Derived Nematicides to Control Plant Parasitic Nemotodes in Apple & Cherry Orchards Apple, Cherry, Nematode, Orchard, Research
2007-C5 Grape Production Performance and Marketing Potential in the Pacific Northwest Climate, Data, Grape, Vineyard Fallahi, Essie, Olmstead, Mercy
2007-D1 Soil Fertility and Soil Biology Cover Cropping, Farming Systems, Research, Soil Biology, Soil Fertility Bergin, Munk, Collins, Doug
2007-D2 Rotational Grazing and Organic Pasture Management Cattle, Cows, Grazing, Management, Pasture, Rotational Pearson, Monty, Styger, Andy, Styger, Linda
2007-D3 Beyond the Political Hype: An Assessment of the Risks and Potential of Biofuel Crops in Washington Biofuel, Crops, GMOs Dillon, Matthew, Kruger, Chad
2007-D4 Winter Vegetable Crop Curing and Storage Storage, Vegetables, Winter Curing Miles, Carol, Roberts, Albert
2007-D5 Direct Marketing to Chefs Chefs, Direct Marketing
2007-E1 Farmer to Farmer Roundtable: Diversified Vegetable Planting Vegetables Moreno Sills, Amy
2007-E2 European Farm Equipment and the Use of Cover Crops for Vegetable Crop Production Cover Crops, Equipment, Intercropping, Legume, Rye, Spader, Vetch Bary, Andy
2007-E3 Green Energy on the Farm Alternative, Energy, Renewable, Solar, Wind Martin, Jim, Smith, Bob
2007-E4 Labor: How to Find Hire Train and Retain Help Interns, Labor Watershine, Maya, Welch, Ed
2007-E5 Innovative Marketing Models Direct Marketing, Display, Labeling, Marketing, Packaging, Signage Berman, Fred, Simon, Mike
2006-S Farming for Food Quality Farming, Food Quality
2006-F1 Water Law-Updates from the Field Water Law
2006-F2 The US farm Bill: Accessing Benefits and Organizing for the Next Round Farm Bill
2006-F3 GMOs in Washington GMOs
2006-K Bringing the Food Economy Home Economy, Local, Localization Norberg-Hodge, Helena
2006-K Creating a Regional Food System Food System, Oil Norberg-Hodge, Helena
2006-A1 Organic Dairy Production Dairy Cows
2006-A2 Decisions Facing Beginning Farmers Beginning, Vegetables
2006-A3 Plant Disease Diagnosis Disease Diagnosis, Diseases, Pests
2006-A4 Creative Value-Added Marketing Value-Added
2006-A5 Agricultural Labor and Sustainability Cuevas, Gempler, Guillen
2006-B1 Beekeeping Beekeeping, Bees, Pollination
2006-B2 Soil Fertility: What Your Ground Needs to Feed Itself and Others Soil Fertility
2006-B3 Choosing the Correct Varieties of Berries for Your Farm Berries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Selection, Strawberries Raspberries
2006-B4 Alternative Pest Management for Those Pests Nearest and Dearest to You Aphid, Carrot Rust Fly, Diamondback Moth, Downy Mildew, Flea Beetle, Pest Management, Slug
2006-B5 Record Keeping for Greater Farm Profitability and Organic Certification Certification, Record-Keeping
2006-C1 Herbs in the Diversified Small Farm Herbs, Value-Added
2006-C2 Irrigation Fundamentals Irrigation
2006-C3 Extending the Seasons-Greenhouses Structures and Plant Manipulation Greenhouse, Season Extension
2006-C4 Direct Marketing Roundtable Chef, Direct Marketing
2006-C5 Renewing the Food Traditions of Salmon Nation Food Traditions
2006-D1 Organic Blueberry Production Blueberries
2006-D2 Organic Seed Saving Heirloom, Seed Saving
2006-D3 Internship Roundtable Interns, Internship
2006-D4 Creating a Locally-Based Regional Food System Food System
2006-D5 Managing the Liabilities and Risks of Direct Marketing Direct Marketing, Insurance, Liability
2005-F1 Finding Insurance Coverage for Your Farm Business Insurance
2005-K The Role of New Science in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Science, Sustainable Agriculture Provenza, Fred
2005-A1 Getting Started in Organic Farming Beginning, New
2005-A2 The Value Added Alternative: Estrella Family Creamery and Pipitone Farms Certification, Cheese, Labeling, Value-Added
2005-A3 Planned Grazing Grazing, Land, Livestock
2005-A4 Grower to Grocer-When it Works Retailer
2005-A5 Recent Developments in Organic Tree Fruit Research Fruit, Research, Tree
2005-B1 Farm Production Business Management
2005-B2 Biodiesel and Solar Energy for the Farm Biodiesel, Energy, Solar
2005-B3 Innovative Behavioral Tools for Managing Landscapes Animal Behavior, Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Restoration
2005-B4 Association of Organic Farms – An Idea Whose Time Has Come Family Farms, Marketing
2005-B5 The First 3 Years- Orchard Transition from Conventional to Organic Orchard, Transition
2005-C1 An Introduction to Soils and Soil Management Soil Management, Soils
2005-C2 Integrating Livestock into Sustainable Farming and Ranching Systems Farming Systems, Livestock
2005-C3 Small Scale On-Farm Chicken Processing Beginning, Poultry, Processing Chickens WSDA, USDA
2005-C4 Selling to Restaurants and Developing a Local Food System Food System, Local, Maketing, Restaurant
2005-C5 Transitioning Your Vineyard to Organic Transitioning, Vineyard
2005-D1 Resources for New Farmers Beginning, Business, New
2005-D2 Women in Agriculture Research, Women
2005-D3 Livestock and Poultry in Sustainable Farming Roundtable Livestock, Poultry
2005-D4 CSA Shares from 4 to 400 CSA
2005-D5 Pest Management in the Orchard Orchard, Pest Management
2005-E1 Tales from the Interns Roundtable Interns, Internship
2005-E2 Diversified Crop Systems for Pest Management Crop Systems, Pest Management
2005-E3 Holistically Managing an Organic Livestock Business Livestock
2005-E4 Farm to Institution – Strategies for Marketing Farm to Institution, Marketing
2005-E5 Fertility for Perennial Orchard Systems Fertility, Orchard
2004-S Getting the Bugs To Work for You: Biological Control in Organic Agriculture
2004-S2 Soil Foodweb Compost Seminar
2004- K1 Tilth as a Revolutionary Movement Food Systems, Tilth Movement Deryckx, Woody
2004-K2 Mobilizing the New Agrarian Community Community
2004-K3 Agriculture for Life: Beyond the Suicidal Economy of Industrial Farming Food Security, Food Systems, Green Revolution, Local, Women Shiva, Vandana
2004-A1 WSU/OSU Poster Session Agriculture, Pest Management, Poster
2004-A2 Roundtable-Regional Caucus W. WA Regional Caucus, Western Washington
2004-A3 Roundtable-Regional Caucus E. WA Eastern Washington, Regional Caucus
2004-A4 Roundtable-Regional Caucus W. OR Regional Caucus, Western Oregon
2004-A5 Roundtable-Regional Caucus E. OR Eastern Oregon, Regional Caucus
2004-B1 Seeds of a Great Idea-The History of Tilth History, Tilth Coody, Lynn, Frost, Yvonne, Schwartz, Anne
2004-B2 Making Solar Work in the Northwest Solar Energy
2004-B3 Organic Seeds in the Era of Transgenes Breeding, GMOs, Seeds
2004-B4 Global Ecology: Age of New Solutions Global Ecology, New Technologies
2004-B5 Slow Food-Who’s Minding the Fork Local, Slow Food
2004-B6 Why Sustaining Land is Critical for Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust
2004-C1 Realizing Biodynamic Agriculture in North America Biodynamics
2004-C2 Cover Crops for Nutrient and Pest Management Cover Crops, Nutrient, Pest Management
2004-C3 New Insights on the Nature of Food Quality Food Quality, Nutrients
2004-C4 Field Farm & Fungi: Biological Pest Management Beneficial, Biological, Fungi, Fungus, Insects, Nematodes, Pest Management
2004-C5 Prove It! Plan Your On-Farm Research Panel On-Farm Research, Research
2004-C6 New Farmer Roundtable-Discover the Highs and Woes Beginning, Business, New
2004-D1 The Conjunction of Molecular Biology and Organic Agriculture Biology, GMOs, Molecular
2004-D2 Choosing a Wholesale Market: Which is Right for You? Marketing, Retailer, Wholesale
2004-D3 Organic Orcharding Orchard, Orcharding, Transitioning
2004-D4 Food Democracy: Community-Based Policy Initiatives Council, Food, Food System, Policy
2004-D5 Livestock Health and Productivity From the Soil Up Livestock, Pasture
2004-D6 Farming Medicinal Plants Hedgegrows, Medicinal Plants, Permaculture, Windbreaks
2004-E1 Direct Marketing Roundtable Direct Marketing
2004-E2 Tilth’s Vision: Passing the Torch to a New Generation Communities, Tilth
2004-E3 Tools for the Small Acreage Farm Tools
2004-E4 Ranching and Restoration of Native Grasses Native Grasses, Ranching, Soil Restoration
2004-E5 Sustainable Agriculture Biopharming and your Land Grant University GMOs
2004-E6 Weed Management Roundtable Weed Management, Weeds
2003-A1 National Organic Program Update: How to Comply with Recordkeeping Requirements National, Organic Standards, Recordkeeping
2003-A2 Composting on a Dairy and Crop Farm Composting, Dairy
2003-A3 Cheese Making and Marketing Cheese, Marketing
2003-A4 Practical methods of Organic Pest Control for Flea Beetle Cabbage Worm and Lettuce Worm Cabbage Worm, Flea Beetle, Lettuce Worm, Pest Control
2003-A5 Evaluation of Mustard Cover Biofumigant Crops for Control of Weeds and Fusarium Wilt in Spinach Seed Crops Biofumigant, Fusarium Wilt, Mustard, Spinach Seed
2003-A6 What Retailers Want Retailer
2003-B1 Shoot the Breeze Part Two Business
2003-B2 Salmon and the Farm Salmon
2003-B3 Producing Organic Seed for Our Future Seed
2003-B4 Entomology: Learn to Identify Insect Orders; Organic controls for Flea Beetle on Mustard Greens Brassica, Flea Beetle, Mustard Greens
2003-B5 Systematic Diagnosis of Plant Diseases: Part One Diseases
2003-B6 Connecting Chefs and Growers Business, Chef
2003-C1 Special Events on the Farm Events, Income
2003-C2 Practicing Mycofiltration and Mycoremediation strategies Mycelium, Mycoremediation, Value-Added
2003-C3 Organic Agriculture vs. Genetically Engineered Food GMOs
2003-C4 Organic Amendments for Weed Control: Do They Work? Amendments, Management, Weed Control
2003-C5 Systematic Diagnosis of Plant Diseases: Part Two Diagnosis, Disease, Plant
2003-C6 Successful Marketing by Organic Growers Direct Marketing, Marketing
2003-D1 Small Acreage Tools Equipment, Tools
2003-D2 Conservation Partnerships: Working Together on the Ground Assessment, Beneficial, Biodiversity, Biological Control, Conservation, Pollinator
2003-D3 Building Support for Local Agriculture Local
2003-D4 Using Cover Crops to Manage Soils Weeds and Pests Cover Crops
2003-D5 New Approaches for Late blight Control on Potatoes and Tomatoes Late Blight, Potato, Tomato
2003-D6 Farm to Fork Farm-to-Cafeteria
2003-E2 Creek Restoration on the farm Creek Restoration
2003-E3 Processing and Marketing Beef Pork and Poultry Beef, Marketing, Pork, Poultry, Processing Vojkovich, Eiko
2003-E4 Unique and Valuable fruits for Northwest Gardens and Markets Fruits, Niche
2003-E5 Farming in the Classroom Roundtable Classroom, Youth
2003-E6 Direct Marketing Roundtable Direct Marketing
2003 Keynote – Mushrooms as Allies: Potentiating Planetary Host Defenses Through Fungi Fungi, Mushrooms Stamets, Paul