Help label GMOs in Washington!

Washington groups are collaborating to pass a ballot initiative (I-522) that would require all genetically engineered foods sold in Washington to be labeled as such.

Why label GMOs? GMOs pose direct and indirect threats to the health of people and the environment, and can contaminate neighboring farms, voiding organic certification. Consumers currently have little recourse to avoid them because it’s hard to tell which food products are genetically engineered and which aren’t. Read more at Label it WA’s website or at GMO Free Washington’s GMO Document Library.

How? Right now, teams of activists are busy collecting petition signatures to get the labeling initiative on the ballot. To get on the ballot, 10% of Washington voters have to sign the petition – over 300,000 people!

You can help. If you haven’t signed the petition yet yourself, you can find copies at locations on this list.

If you have a farmers’ market booth, farm stand, store, or just a big party coming up where you can collect signatures, email or call Policy Intern Ariana Taylor-Stanley ( or 206.660.8958) and we’ll send you blank petitions, info sheets, talking points, and instructions on how to collect signatures. Or you can sign up to volunteer collecting signatures at the Label it WA website.

Thanks for your help!