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NewHeritageFarms Since we got our first Tamworths in 2005, we've been growing, breeding and luv'n the Tamworth pigs. Listed as a threatened breed, the Tamworths were once raised here, locals recognized the breed and told us so, but they'd disappeared from the North West completely. We imported our first Tamworths from Colorado, and later from Virginia. in 2012 I brought in some new breeding stock from Iowa. The Tamworth, aka the Irish Grazer, is considered a fine homestead pig, a medium sized pig, a gentle and active pig, and a good mother. Don't be fooled by the Grazer label, they also root like crazy! Reclaiming brush-land is made easy with these pigs. Classified as a Bacon Pig (vs a Lard Pig) the Tamworth is longer and leaner, while still having rich flavor and a fine, firm texture. I make every effort to raise the pigs as naturally as possible; not rushed to market, but allowed to mature and marble naturally on the land. Pigs For Sale: Registered breeding and pork weaners for sale. Pork for Sale: I finish a limited number of pastured/wood lot porkers. I sell only "on farm" pork; eighth, quarter and half shares. Custom cut butchering is by Salmon Creek Meats, nitrate free, honey and sea salt curing. Please see my website for more information. Vickie Hinkley

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Daytime Phone: 360-304-2786

Evening Phone: 360-864-8515



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  • Ecologically Sound
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Acres: 70

County: Lewis

Public Address: 834 Spencer Rd, Toledo, WA, 98591

Mailing Address: 834 Spencer Road, Toledo, WA, 98591

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