Rincon-Vitova Insectaries Inc

RinconVitova RVI produces and distributes insects and other organisms, supplies and tools for biological control of pests. We are pioneers in the use of natural enemies in ecologically based pest management. Our technical support centers on the Five Features of IPM, the theme of the latest edition of our Catalog of Beneficials. Programs for success consider the agricultural practices and other factors that influence the balance between predator and prey. Our bulletins offer insights based on many years of experience applying knowledge from Deke’s Five Features. A new website is in the making with easier navigation to more information and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

Point of Contact Name:

Daytime Phone: 800-248-2847

Evening Phone: 805-643-5407


Website: http://rinconvitova.com

Organization Categories:
  • Consultant
  • Farm Supplier
  • Resource


County: Out Of State

Public Address: PO Box 1555, Ventura, CA, 93002

Mailing Address: PO Box 1555, Ventura, CA, 93002

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