Big Pine Ranch

Developing new ranch land into grass fed beef operation aligned with Permaculture. Previous small farm holding was WSDA certified organic and Salmon Safe, hope to attain these certifications at Big Pine Ranch in the coming years. Since we are just growing the business this year, we don't foresee having products for sale in 2012, but time will tell. We are very glad to be back in Washington and happy to see familiar faces and meet new ones.

Point of Contact Name:

Daytime Phone: 509-560-3613

Evening Phone:



Organization Categories:
  • Grower
Grower Cerifications:
  • Ecologically Sound

Acres: 69

County: Okanogan

Public Address: PO Box 1383, Tonasket, WA, 98855

Mailing Address: PO Box 1383, Tonasket, WA, 98855

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