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Cloud Mountain Farm Center Internship 2018


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Posted on: 11/06/2017 4:58 pm

Dates: February 14, 2018 through October 31, 2018

Our internship is a nine month commitment with an eight-month educational program including classroom education, independent projects, and hands-on learning. We draw on our expertise in plant propagation, tree fruit production, viticulture, market development, and vegetable production to give interns a rigorous experience to prepare them to be farm owners, key farm employees or entrepreneurs and professionals involved in the agricultural industry or advocacy.

Interns join staff to accomplish the tasks of a working farm for four days of the five they are asked to be present at the farm per week. One day each week is dedicated completely to the education of the interns. In addition to these educational experiences, including field trips, workshops, and lectures, interns can expect to dedicate 3 to 6 hours a week to some homework and a full reading program to be completed on their own, in time with the curriculum. The balance of work and education shifts throughout the season as interns gain more knowledge with which to accomplish the growing demands of the farm.

Interns pay tuition for the curriculum and are paid for their work. Successful candidates have the ability to take responsibility, be accountable, think clearly, act decisively, have a positive attitude and get along well with others. Common skills and traits also include self-knowledge of goals and life direction, enjoy being outside doing physical work, and the having the ability to make and keep commitments.

Onsite Internships: these interns can expect to work up to 32 hours a week

  • Food Production Internship: Interns working on-farm at CMFC get a well-rounded work experience in vegetables, orchards, vineyards, nursery production, and sales and customer service.
  • Nursery Production Internship: Interns will gain experience primarily in plant propagation, field production, container production as well as customer service and sales, while still having the opportunity to work in orchards, vineyards, and vegetables when the season allows.

Off-site Internships

Interns interested in focusing on other agricultural enterprises that CMFC does not have including livestock production, herb production, or CSA may be connected with one of our partner farms.  Further contact information will be given if this is requested.

Internship Education Day participants

For individuals interested only in the classroom and field curriculum part of the program. This would be 1 day a week for 8-9 hours of education.

The intern program averages one day a week where all interns will participate in classroom education, hands-on workshops, and field trips to other farms in the region. The curriculum gives interns the opportunity to explore agriculture through exposure to:

  • diverse agricultural systems
  • business management
  • skill development
  • business planning
  • marketing
  • social and environmental stewardship
  • development of technical skills related to soil science, botany, ecological pest management and resource management

Scholarships and some housing is available. Interested candidates can request an application via email at [email protected]

Please return a completed application to:

Cloud Mountain Farm Center 6906 Goodwin Rd Everson WA 98247

Or via email to

A completed application must include:

  1. A completed application form (requested via email)
  2. Your current resume: Education and work experience
  3. A list of 3 references. At least two of them must be professional.  Please include their name, address, email and phone number.  Please do not ask them to send us a letter.

Number of interns needed: 6

Couples Okay: Yes.

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Helpful.

Work Hours: Full Time.

Learning Opportunities: Set Aside Time.

Meals: Separate Cooking.

Housing: No.

Paid: Yes.

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