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Posted on: 02/12/2016 8:16 pm

Dates: April 1 2017 through October 31, 2017 (dates are flexible)


General Description:. We live and farm on 7 irrigated acres, in Twisp, Washington and lease an additional 15 acres that we have been haying with our draft horses for nine years. Our farm is powered by our three draft horses and a small tractor. In addition to the compost they help create daily, the draft horses help us plow, disc, harrow, spread compost, mow, rake and pick up hay. We get three cuttings of grass and alfalfa hay through out the summer. With a goal of between 1,000-1,500 bales to feed the cows and horses through our long winters. We milk 4 Jersey cows and sell whole, non-homogenized, vat pasteurized milk at the local grocery stores.

We are located 2 miles from the town of Twisp, which is a fun small town, with a wonderful community and lots to offer. There is great food and beverages, at the local bakeries, brew pub and coffee roasters. The Twisp Works Campus, which is a “dynamic hub” for music, art, and community on the old Forest Service Complex is adjacent to the Saturday Farmers Market, which is a thriving small town market that has been going on for over 20 years. And there are amazing outdoor recreational opportunities.

Internship Starts: 04-01-2017
Internship Ends: 10-31-2017
Number of Interns: 1
Minimum Length of Stay: (7 months)

Food: Access to fresh milk. Private garden space. Some shared dry good, bulk items

Skills Desired: Applicants should desire to work on a small-scale draft-powered farm. You must be in good physical and mental condition, with the ability to lift 50+ pounds regularly and work 10+ hour days, sometimes in the rain and wind, and often in the hot sun. Ideal candidates are self motivated, have good communication skills, love animals, being outside, warm weather, and sunshine.

Previous farming experience is desired.

Educational Opportunities: Every day work will become a learning experience for all of us. There will also be opportunities to learn welding, very basic carpentry, hoof trimming, and large animal husbandry if these skills are of interest to the apprentice.

In addition to the experiences on our farm, we will also facilitate farm visits and tours with other Methow Valley farms that suit the interests of the apprentice.

Stipend: DOE, $600+ with housing provided.

Housing:Small, well kept 28 ft camper trailer on the farm, with kitchen and bathroom. If you are a couple looking to live on the farm, with one person desiring farm work while the other works off-farm, we are happy to consider your application. Having your own vehicle is desirable, but not required.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: We have one position open for the 2017 season.

Apprentice will be involved in: moving 3 inch irrigation hand lines, cleaning animal loafing areas, harnessing horses, milking cows, picking up hay at harvest time, driving tractor, cleaning dairy facilities, various farm construction projects, packing orders, and driving delivery routes.

Previous farming experience is preferred. Part of the work will be independent. You will need to be able to work with others, listen, and maintain flexible working hours. During the hottest time of the summer, we usually start early and end early, but occasionally we will work 1-3 hours in the evening. You can expect to work five full days a week with two days off. Except during haying time when it may be necessary to work longer days and weekends. Opportunity to work overtime for more pay may be available.

Our draft horses are used almost daily throughout most of the summer. Although this apprenticeship is not designed to teach you how to work horses, you will be involved in their daily care; including harnessing and unharnessing. Previous experience with horses is not necessary, but a desire to work around and respect for these gentle giants is required. Applicants are encouraged to make a farm visit before signing on for the season.

We are excited to share another season with a hard-working, positive, fun and eager-to-learn individual.  Please email a resume and cover letter with at least two working related references and a photo of you doing something you love outside.

Check out our facebook page: Doubletree Farm LLC


Number of interns needed: 1

Couples Okay: Yes.

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Not Necessary.

Work Hours: Full Time.

Learning Opportunities: Self Determined.

Meals: Separate Cooking.

Housing: Yes.

Paid: Yes.

About Doubletree Farm

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    Acres: 22

    County: Okanogan

    Public Address: 3019 HWY 153, Twisp, WA, 98856

    Mailing Address: 3019 Hwy 153, Twisp, WA, 98856

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    Daytime Phone: 509-997-0169

    Evening Phone: 509-997-0169