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Employment Opportunity at Booth Canyon Orchard

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Posted on: 03/29/2016 4:45 pm

We are:
Booth Canyon Orchard is a direct market organic orchard located in the Methow Valley with 40 different varieties of apples, 15 different varieties of pears, and a small amount of plums, apricots, peaches, and nectarines. Our mission is to grow the best tasting fruit ever, through cultivar selection, promoting healthy soils and trees, and picking for flavor. The majority of our fruit is marketed in the Seattle area at Farmers Markets and wholesale deliveries. We have been in the growing business for 20 years; we have lots of experience and we are still experimenting. Contact us for employer references (people who work for us). Also see who we are at and on Facebook: Booth Canyon Orchard.

You are:
Passionate about growing and selling great fruit (and eating well along the way). You have enough experience to know you want to farm, and enough enthusiasm to try new things. You are good with people (and dogs). You enjoy hard physical work in the changing seasons of farming. You are confident operation equipment, have the ability to learn and perform horticultural tasks, and have marketing skills.

The job is:
• Driving to Seattle to sell at Farmers Markets on weekends (September thru March)
• Horticultural operations (pruning, thinning, tree training, planting, grafting)
• Farm infrastructure improvements (fencing, trellising)
• Managing soil fertility
• Operating a tractor with a variety of implements
• Irrigation
• Harvesting and sorting of fruit
• Wholesale direct marketing
• Packing gift boxes of fruit
• Value added processing – drying, canning, etc.

The benefits are:
Three-quarter to full time, year-round position. Pay structure that works for you: salary or hourly. Flexible hours and weekend work will be required, but longer time off in the off season is encouraged. Being part of the forces of happiness growing amazing fruit for people. A life in the Methow Valley, with housing for a single person or couple.

The fine print:
An on farm interview will be requested
A clean driving record is essential
Position is open until filled

Please send a resume including references and cover letter to:

For more information or if you have questions please email or call Stina Booth or John Richardson at 509-997-0063.

Number of interns needed: 1

Couples Okay: Yes.

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Helpful.

Work Hours: Full Time.

Housing: Yes.

Paid: Yes.