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Internship at Bickford Farms

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Posted on: 02/09/2018 1:26 pm

Dates: May 7, 2018 through August 31, 2018 (dates are flexible)

We are seeking a young person who is willing to work and learn sustainable farming on our Eastern Washington farm. We have 3 acres of early cherries in their third year of transition to organic certification. We also have a small mixed orchard and raspberry patch which produce different fruit varieties for the farmers market. One of the primary responsibility of the intern will be to assist us to pick, pack and deliver fruit to area fruit stands and help sell at the Wenatchee Farmers Market every Thursday and Saturday. The other is to care for our small herd of goats, which will be producing kids in mid-April. They do not require milking but need daily attention. Additional chores will be using a riding lawnmower to mow the yards and orchards and help in tending the small vegetable garden and landscape. Penny is a Master Gardener so the intern will have the opportunity to learn basic gardening techniques. We also have 9 acres in Malaga (24 miles away) which provides us with later cherries, apricots, peaches and apples which we sell at the market and fruit stands. The intern would work out there occasionally.

More info:
Douglas County
Contact name: Monte or Penny Bickford [email protected]

Number of interns needed: 1

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Helpful.

Specific skills or knowledge required: Ability to follow directions, work independently, able to lift 40 lbs, customer service, drivers license, clean driving record, and work from an orchard ladder.

Work Hours: Full Time.

Paid: Yes.