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Livestock Manager at Heyday Farm

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Posted on: 09/18/2017 2:27 pm

Heyday Farm

Heyday Farms is a 30-acre entity on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with a full range of farming activities including raising animals and vegetables for sale, a micro-dairy and an agro-tourism component for small dinner, events and retreats.

Heyday Farm is seeking an experienced Livestock Manager to run the animal component of the farm. We are seeking someone to fill this position this fall. Salary for this position is dependent on the experience of the individual but will range between $35,000 to $45,000.

Please submit your resume by Saturday September 30, 2017 to [email protected] .

The animal production section of the farm is supported by:

15 acres of fenced pasture land.
2 barns for storage and wintering animals
Poultry Processing facility capable processing over 1,000 animals per year
Composting facility sized to handle the farm at full capacity
Fodder System (sprouted grain) system sized to supplement feed for all the animal operation
Small silo system for animal feed storage
Two Tractors, Electric ATV, Fork Truck, Refrigerator Truck
3 Layer Chicken tractors on wheels
3 Broiler Chicken Tractors on ground
Animal Trailer, dump trailers and equipment trailer
Farm implements and tools to support the operation
Walk in Refrigerator and Freezer

The capacity for animal production is:

6-8 Steers
20-30 pigs
500-700 Layer Hens
500-1,000 Broiler Hens
100 Turkeys


The farm has the potential for housing a person in this position on the property.

Job Description: Livestock Manager


Day to day operational decisions
Day to day livestock care
Health and comfort of livestock (layer hens, broilers, cattle, pigs and
livestock guardian animals)
Management of pasture use and soil health
Operation and maintenance of Compost System
Maintenance of equipment and farm buildings/infrastructure related to livestock
Paperwork and administrative records related to Livestock, Pasture and Compost system
Quarterly report of livestock, pasture and compost operation
Consult with owners and Manager regarding operating plans for short, intermediate and long range
Meet with Farm Manager regularly and Farm owners monthly

Skills and Competencies:

Communication skills
Analytic Skills
IT skills
Ability to apply technical knowledge to livestock management
Teamwork and leadership


– reports to Farm Manager and Farm Owners on a regular basis
– coordinates with other Farm operators (Agriculture, Farm House, Creamery, Store)
– interacts with public as face of Livestock operation


– Educational background in Agricultural Business, Animal Science or Agronomy
– Work experience on medium to small (non-agribusiness) farm
– Experience with organic or natural, sustainable farming methods
– Experience with livestock and pasture management for soil enhancement

Number of interns needed: 1

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Housing: Maybe.

Paid: No.