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Seattle Tilth Farm Works Internship

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Posted on: 03/12/2014 10:01 am

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Seattle Tilth Farm Works
Farm Steward Internship

Brief Description of Seattle Tilth Farm Works:
Seattle Tilth provides farm business training and support to aspiring famers in the Puget Sound region. This “farm incubator” program is called Seattle Tilth Farm Works and is located in Auburn, WA. Seattle Tilth Farm Works participants attend farm and business trainings, tour neighboring farm operations, and gain hands-on experience growing and harvesting food using organic practices.

Seattle Tilth Farm Works Internship Description:
STFW interns are involved in all aspects of the farm and work closely with program staff. As much as possible, Seattle Tilth seeks to create a participatory environment driven by learning-by-doing models. Interns learn about and participate in greenhouse management, field cultivation, irrigation systems, pest control, harvesting, post harvest handling, distribution, and animal care.

Responsibilities and tasks:
 Field work: includes seeding, transplanting, weeding, thinning, trellising and harvesting.
 Greenhouse: seeding, weeding, transplanting, and watering.
 Wash Station: washing, sorting, packing, labeling all crops.
 Tractor work: bed preparation, and mowing.
 Distribution: delivering restaurant orders, distributing CSA, and sales at farmers’ markets.
 Animal care: feeding, watering, collecting eggs.

Working on the farm requires the physical capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, fast-paced agricultural setting. Farm work offers an incredibly rewarding and demanding work environment and life experience. Interns should expect to work outside in all weather conditions including rain, winter cold and summer heat.

While much of the internship will be focused on hands-on learning, interns will be encouraged to participate in the Educational Program, facilitate farm walks which more closely examine a farm system aspect of interest, and pursue an independent project of interest. STFW staff will provide support and direction for educational aspirations.

Desired Qualifications:
 Seattle Tilth seeks applicants that are enthusiastic about agriculture and have a vision for themselves within the Seattle Tilth Farm Works community.
 Reliable, responsible, self-motivated and hard working.
 Ability to work independently, be self-directed and also works well as a team member.
 Excellent communication skills.
 Ability to work with an interpreter.
 Physical ability to work daily with hands, wrists and back, and to lift 50 pounds regularly.
 Basic computer skills.

Time Commitment:
Interns will devote at least 25-30 hours per week to the farm, for a maximum of four 3-month periods. Priority is given to applicants willing to participate in farm activities for the entire growing season, from March through October.

Compensation and Benefits:
This is an unpaid intern position.
• Interns may receive school credit if their institution allows.
• Interns will have access to free, shared, onsite housing that is furnished and includes kitchen and laundry facilities and free wifi.
• Interns eat well from harvest surpluses.
• Interns will have access to reduced or free Seattle Tilth classes depending on availability.

STFW interns gain valuable farming skills and are given an opportunity to experience the inner-workings of a non-profit with over 30 years of success. Interns will actively contribute to organic farming, local food systems, the environment, and social justice, while working with a team to accomplish common goals.

Farm & Work Site:
Seattle Tilth Farm Works
17601 Southeast Lake Moneysmith Road
Auburn, WA 98092.

Application Process:
Please email a cover letter and resume to Micah Anderson at: [email protected]. Please also fill out a volunteer/intern registration form on our website:, and attend an organization-wide volunteer orientation. These are held the second Tuesday of every month in Seattle’s Wallingford Neighborhood. You can find more information at:

Important Dates and Deadlines:
Application is due March 24, 2014. The position will begin in March, 2014.

Email [email protected] for more information.

About Seattle Tilth Farm Works:
Seattle Tilth Farm Works (STFW) provides educational and business opportunities for aspiring famers in the Puget Sound region. Seattle Tilth’s mission is to inspire and educate people to grow food organically, conserve natural resources and support local food systems in order to cultivate a healthy environment and community. STFW helps achieve this mission by providing opportunities for aspiring farmers to gain hands-on experience growing and harvesting food using organic practices and to sell their crops through local networks.

In addition to the STFW Education Program, a program that provides classroom instruction, hands-on field based training and mentoring to aspiring, limited-resource farmers, STFW also operates a small-scale production farm. The purpose of the production farm is threefold: to demonstrate organic production methods to Education Program participants, to create and maintain market channels that benefit STFW participants, and to provide a sustainable source of income for the program itself.

The STFW farm is located 4 miles east of the Green River, in Auburn, Washington. We grow approximately 40 different varieties of vegetables on approximately 9 acres, with plans to incorporate more perennial crops, laying hens and a few honey beehives within the coming year. All of the crops we grow will be distributed locally through farmers’ markets, a new STFW CSA, Central Coop, and other Seattle restaurants.

About Seattle Tilth:
Seattle Tilth is a nationally recognized non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring and educating people to garden organically and conserve natural resources, and support local food systems in order to cultivate a healthy urban environment and community. Our programs include community learning gardens, our volunteer program, classes and workshops, events, a children’s garden program, the Master Composter program, the Garden Hotline, Seattle Youth Garden Works, and the Farm Incubator Program.

Thank you for your interest in being a Seattle Tilth intern!

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Paid: No.