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Tilth Producers Quarterly Journal

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Title Topics Author(s) Date
2016 26.3 Get Ready for Keynote Speaker Michael Phillips Apples, Conference, key note, Orchard, Pears, Stone Fruit 2016 Summer
2016 26.3 Member Spotlight: Carey Hunter and Albert Roberts AgForestry, beginning farming, Pine Stump Farm Murphy, Elizabeth 2016 Fall
2015 25.4 Breeding Variety: Seed Production for the Small Farmer On-Farm Breeding, Seed Anegon, Angela 2015 Fall
2016 26.3 Breeding Quinoa for Organic Farming cereal, Heirloom, Plant Breeding, Quinoa, Variety Trials Kellogg, Julianne 2016 Summer
2016 26.3 Country & City Cousins Celebrate Summer at Tilth Harvest Fair Farmers Market, Harvest Fair, historical Musick, Mark 2016 Summer
2017 27.1 Conference Recap Conference, Tilth Conference, Wenatchee Burke, Liza 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Introducing Tilth Alliance: Where Good Food Grows Harvest Fair, History of Tilth, Mark Musick, Tilth Alliance Platt Dwyer, Andrea 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Farmer of the Year: Jerry Pipitone Farmer Of The Year, Farmers Markets, Jerry Pipitone, Neighborhood Farmers Markets, Silent Spring Nagle-Caraluzzo, Kate 2017, Winter
2012 22.3 WOW! September 9-15, 2012 Auction, Dessert, Organic Beer, Organic Farming, Theo Chocolate, Under The Harvest Moon, Washington Organic Week Staff 2012 Summer
2012 22.2 Vegetable Variety Trial Results Now Available eOrganic, Northern Organic Variety Improvement Callaboritive, NOVIC, Seed Breeding Zystro, Jared 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 WSFMA Honors Tilth Producer Members Carkner, Farmers Market, Lifetime Achievement, Organic, Terry's Berries Staff 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Farm Credit Reveals Four 2012 Agricultural Trends Farm Credit, Leases, Loans, Producing Excellence, Trends Press Release 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Tilth Producers Policy Update Farm Bill 2012 Priorities, Maria Cantwell, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, NSAC, Policy, Policy Intern, Tilth Producers Fund Schwartz, Anne 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 WSDA Organic Program Update European Union, International Organic Program, IOP, National Organic Standards, NOP, NOSB, USDA, WSDA Rice, Scott 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Recommended Reading Book, Books, Farm Finances, Finance, Finance Management, Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, MOSES, Recommended Reading MOSES 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Meet Your Fellow Tilth Producer Agro-Tourism, Farm Walk, Fruit, Fruit Orchard, Orchard, Yakima Maki, Kelsey 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Cover Crop Calculator Cover Crop, Cover Crop Calculator, Nitrogen, Nitrogen Cover Crop Calculator, Oregon State University, OSU Andrews, Nick 2012 Spring
2010 20.4 Tilth Producers of Washington & WSU Small Farms Team 2010 Farm Walk Recap…What You Missed Black Sheep Creamery, Farm Walk, Filaree Farm, Hedlin Farms, Manuel Mendoza Orchard, Tonnemaker Hill Farm Allen, Nancy, Wiman, Michel 2010 Fall
2010 20.4 Food & Finance Summit December 3 Ari Derfel, Bon Appetit, Food and Finance Summit, Harvindar Singh, Jay Payne, Peninsula Food System Staff 2010 Fall
2010 20.4 Come Kick Up Your Heels & Learn! Childcare, Chuck Hassebrook, Conference, CSA, Fort Worden, Organic Agriculture, Washington State University, Wine Tasting, WSU Staff 2010 Fall
2010 20.4 12 Weeks Of Training with Freedom Rangers Care, Chicken Tractor, Cornish Cross, Freedom Rangers, Hatchery, Poultry Burrows, Clayton 2010 Fall
2010 20.4 WSDA Organic Program Update Certification, Methionine, National Organic Program, Newsletter, NOP, Poultry, WSDA Book, Brenda 2010 Fall
2017 27.1 Advocating for Good Food: A Look Inside WSFFN Advocacy, Farm to School, I-522, Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network Lehman, Russ 2017, Winter
2013 23.2 Spring Seed: The Next Generation Organic Seed Alliance, Seed Finder, Seed Production, Seed Variety, Seeds Colley, Micaela 2013 Spring
2012 22.2 Ask Albert! Ask Albert, Diesel Engine, Gas Engine, Smoke, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2012 Spring
A New Beginning Beginning, Tilth Producers Musick, Mark 1977 Winter
2010 20.4 A Message From The President 2010, 2010 Conference, Conference, Fall, Pre-Conference, President, WOW! Dempster, Diane 2010 Fall
2017 27.2 Biodiversity and Natural Pest Suppression in the Pacific Northwest Beneficial Insects, Biodiversity, Pest Management Blubaugh, Carmen, Judson, Sabrina, Snyder, William 2017, Summer
2017 27.2 Culinary Breeding Network Bridges the Gap Between Plant Breeders and Eaters Culinary Breeding Netowrk, open-pollinated seed, Plant Breeding, The Variety Showcase Gigot, Jessica 2017, Summer
2017 27.2 Hungry for Sustainably Grown Products Consumer awareness, Farm Guide, Tilth Conference Platt Dwyer, Andrea 2017, Summer
2017 27.2 Gearing Up for a Tilth Alliance Regional Representatives Network regional representatives, Tilth Alliance Nagle-Caraluzzo, Kate 2017, Summer
2017 27.2 Microbial Biostimulants in Grower Toolboxes Biopesticides, biostimulants, microbe-containing biostimulant database Klienhenz, Matt, Laudick, Julie, Weng, Zhang 2017, Summer
2017 27.2 Mechanic Mike Farming, Western Washington Peroni, Mike 2017, Summer
2017 27.1 Mechanic Mike Peroni, Mike 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Military Veterans Help Grow the Tilth Movement Growing Veterans, History of Tilth, John Knox, Woody Deryckx Musick, Mark 2017, Winter
2016 26.3 Farm Walk Summaries WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Grupp-Williams, Leah, Spaniolo, Lia 2016, Fall
2017 27.1 Advocate of the Year: Nate Lewis Advocate Of The Year, Nate Lewis, Organic Trade Association, Oyster Bay Farm Nagle-Caraluzzo, Kate 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Tilth Alliance Farm Programs Farm Guide, farm incubator, Farm Team, Farm Walks, FarmLink, Tilth Alliance Collier, Sarah 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Farm Walk Summaries conservation planning, Draft Horses, draft power, Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Hayshaker Farm, Heavenly Hills Harvest, Hedgerow, Northwest SEED, Renewable Energy, Rents Due Ranch Murphy, Elizabeth, Spaniolo, Lia 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Snapshot of Organic Farming 2016 Certified Organic, CSNAR, Organic, Washington State Organic Granatstein, David, Kirby, Elizabeth 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Healthy Plant Metabolism Michael Phillips, mycorrhizae, mycorrhizal collaboration, Pest Management, plant metabolism Phillips, Michael 2017, Winter
2017 27.1 Research Shared at Conference Conference, Pest Management, poster session, Research Collier, Sarah 2017, Winter
2016 26.4 Light Leaf Spot and White Leaf Spot Brassica, fungal disease, light leaf spot, Pest Management, white leaf spot Carmody, Shannon, duToit, Lindsey 2016, Fall
2016 26.1 Seed to Market: Profitable Small-Scale Vegetable Farming Crop Rotation, distribution, Seeding, vegetable production Anegon, Angela 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Snapshot of Organic Food and Farming national statistics, Organic Production, organic statistics, Washington statistics Granatstein, David, Kirby, Elizabeth 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Farmer and Advocate of the Year Advocate Of The Year, berry production, Farmer Of The Year Anegon, Angela 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Welcome the New “Tilth” Merger, One Tilth Catalano, Michele, Platt Dwyer, Andrea 2016 Winter
2016 26.3 Looking Forward Organic Farming, WSDA Peroni, Heidi 2016, Fall
2016 26.1 Farm Walk Highlights beginning farmers, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Anegon, Angela 2016 Winter
2016 26.3 Policy Update 2016 Summer
2016 26.4 Member Spotlight Member Spotlight Murphy, Elizabeth 2016 Fall
2016 26.4 Mechanic Mike Mechanic Mike, Rocks Peroni, Mike 2016 Summer
2016 26.3 Spring Farm Walk Review Badger Mountain Vineyard, Caldwell Bassetti Farm, EPA, Farm Walk, Northwest SEED, Renewable Energy, USDA Renewable Energy for America Program Murphy, Elizabeth 2016 Summer
2016 26.3 Biodynamic Production on the Farm biodynamic farming, Farm Planning, financial planning Murphy, Elizabeth 2016 Summer
2016 26.4 Building Tilth Tilth, Tilth Movement, Wendall Berry Warner, Becky 2016 Fall
2016 26.4 Farm King County Farm King County, Washington FarmLink Wiser, Sheryl 2016 Fall
2016 26.2 Policy Update Appropriations, DARK Act, Farm-to-School Program, Farmland Preservation, Small Farm Direct Marketing, Small Farm Internship Program Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 Organic Roots: A Brief History of Organic Agriculture and Certification in Washington State Organic Certification, Organic Farming, Organic Foods Production Act, Tilth Movement, Washington Organic Food Products Act, Wendell Berry, WSDA Organic Certification 2016 Spring
2013 23.4 For the Life of the Soil: Farmer perspectives and experiences adopting reduced tillage organic agriculture Amy Plant, Gary Miller, Jim Meyer, No Till, Reduced Tillage Collins, Doug, Wayman, Sandra 2013 Fall
2013 23.3 WSDA Organic Program Update Record-Keeping, Sounds and Sensible, WSDA Rice, Scott 2013 Summer
2014 24.1 Ask Albert! Belts, Engine, Hoses, Radiator, Tractor, Winterizing Roberts, Albert 2014 Winter
2014 24.4 Washington’s Dynamic Organic Sector Certification, organic industry, Research, Washington, WSDA, WSU Granatstein, David 2014 Fall
2014 24.4 Ask Albert Clutch, Mechanical, PTO, Rototiller, Technical, Tillers Roberts, Albert 2014 Fall
2014 24.4 Farm Walk Highlights Farm Walks Anegon, Angela 2014 Fall
2014 24.4 Economic Profitability of Growing Lettuce and Tomato in W. Washington cost comparison, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Greenhouse, High Tunnels, leafy greens, lettuce, tomatoes Galinato, Suzette, Miles, Carol 2014 Fall
2014 24.4 Farm Internship Project Farm Intern, Farm Policy, Internship Pilot Program, Labor and Industries, Labor Laws Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2014 Fall
2014 24.4 Tilth Producers Policy Update Advocacy, Farm Policy, Food Policy, Policy Priority Survey Jacobus, Lana, Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2014 Fall
2014 24.3 The Evolution of Institutional Organic Farming Education in Washington State beginning farmers, College, Education, educational farm, farmer education, History, Schools, The Evergreen State College, Universities, University of Washington, Washington State University Bramwell, Stephen 2014 Summer
2014 24.3 Farm Walk Highlights: Gleanings From the First Third of the 2014 Farm Walks Program Blueberries, cheese production, Farm Management, Farm Walks, Food Hubs, Grains, Puget Sound Food Hub Anegon, Angela, Catalano, Michele 2014 Summer
2014 24.3 Matching Nitrogen Availability to Plant Need Academic Research, Cover Crops, Mineral Nitrogen, Nitrogen, Nitrogen from Organic Matter, Soil Fertility Bary, Andy, Cogger, Craig, Collins, Doug 2014 Summer
2014 24.3 Tilth Producers Policy Update Advocacy, Farm Bill, Farm Policy, Food Policy, Grants Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2014 Summer
2014 24.2 The Tilth Movement Through Time: Wendell Berry’s Enduring Influence Culture of Agriculture, Food Systems, History, Tilth Conference, Tilth Movement Berry, Wendell, Deryckx, Woody 2014 Spring
2014 24.2 Tilth Producers Policy Update Advocacy, Farm Bill, Farm Policy, Food Policy Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2014 Spring
2014 24.2 Managing Your CSA to Maximize Profitability Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, Direct Marketing, One Day Regional Workshop Staff 2014 Spring
2015 25.1 Advocate of the Year Advocate, CSANR, History, Interview, T40, WSU Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Farm Walk Highlights Cider, Farm, Harvest, nursery, Production, Wine Anegon, Angela 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Ask Albert advice, Engine, Fuel, Maintenance, Mechanics, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2015 Winter
2015 25. 1 Farmers of the Year advice, Farmer, Interview, patience, Tilth Staff 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Farmer-to-Farmer Resource exchange, Farmers, Marketing, Planning, promoting, Research, wikipedia Staff 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Policy Update Bill, Farmland, Healthy, law, Olympia, Policy Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Specialty Crop Programming Crop, ecological, Holistic, Insects, Management, Pollination Staff 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 T40 Conference Review Agriculture, anniversary, Conference, Keynote, symposia, T40, Tilth Conference, voice, workshops Staff 2015 Winter
2015 25.1 Water Quality Risk Assessment Grazing, Livestock, Management, Manure, overgrazed, pollution, stream zone, water quality Hudson, Tipton 2015 Winter
2015 25.2 Ask Albert Ask Albert, Clutch, PTO, Purchasing, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Assessing Productivity of Baby-Leaf Lettuce in the Open Field for W. Washington baby leaf, leaf lettuce, Production Trials, Research, salad crop, salad mix, WSU Benedict, Chris, Grahn, Charlene, Miles, Carol 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Crop Planning: One-Day University Business Management, Crop Planning, Crop Rotation, Data Management, Direct Marketing, Farm Finances Anegon, Angela 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Grape Pruning & Vineyard Management Bainbridge Island, Grapes, Pruning, Vineyard Anegon, Angela 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Member Spotlight: Jim Meyer, Cascadian Home Farm Cascadian Home Farm, Jim Meyer, Member Spotlight Anegon, Angela 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 New Board Members Board Members, Tilth Board Staff 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Policy Update Farm-to-School Program, Farmland Preservation, Legislation, Policy, WIC Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Spring
2015 25.2 Two Lists: 15 Thoughts for Farmers advice, berry center, Farm/Home Economics, Steve Smith, Wendell Berry Staff 2015 Spring
2015 25.3 Food Sovereignty in Today’s First Nations Community, First Nations, Food Sovereignty Gigot, Jessica 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Policy Update Direct Marketing Program, Farm-to-School Program, Farmers Market Nutrition Program, Farming Education Pilot, Policy, Small Farm Internship Program, Small Farms Program, Student Debt Forgiveness for Farmers, Young Farmer Success Act Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 LINC: Inside Spokane’s Food Hub Co-op Business, Co-Op, craft beer, farmer-owner, Food System, Spokane Robinette, Beth 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Staffing Your Farm: Successful Management of Interns and Employees Business, FIELD, Staff, Workshop, WSU Anegon, Angela 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Draft Horse Power for Specialty Crop Production Horses, Specialty Crops, Workshop Anegon, Angela 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Member Spotlight: Anne Schwartz, Blue Heron Farm Anne Schwartz, Blue Heron Farm, Interview, Lifetime Achievement, Member Spotlight Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Farm Walk Highlights Compost, Cover Crops, Farm Walk, Farm Walks, Green Bow Farm, Let Us Farm, Livestock, Pollinator, Soil Fertility, Spencer Farm, Wobbly Cart Farm, WSU Anegon, Angela 2015 Summer
2015 25.3 Ask Albert Ask Albert, Carey Hunter, Goats, Mastitis Hunter, Carey 2015 Summer
2015 25.4 Merger Update Merger, Seattle Tilth, Tilth Producers Catalano, Michele, Warner, Becky 2015 Fall
2015 25.4 Scheduling Vegetables Using Degree Days CROPTIME, degree days, scheduling, Vegetable Andrews, Nick, Coop, Len, Noordijk, Heidi 2015 Fall
2015 25.4 Soil Fertility, Composting, and Organic Farming Compost, Cover Crop, Organic, Soil, Soil Fertility Anegon, Angela 2015 Fall
2016 26.1 2015 Conference Highlights Conference 2015, Farm-a-Palouse-a, Farm-to-Restaurant Tour Nagle-Caraluzzo, Kate 2016 Winter
2015 25.4 Member Spotlight: Chris Petry, Oh Yeah! Farms Chris Petry, Member Spotlight, Oh Yeah! Farms, Wheat Anegon, Angela 2015 Fall
2015 25.4 Stumped on the Farm defensible space, Fire, risk management, wildfire Hunter, Carey 2015 Fall
2015 25.4 Farm Walk Summer Highlights Community Garden, Cranberry, dairy goats, Farm Walk, Hops, Juice Processing, Leach Orchard, micro-dairy, Mystery Bay Farm, Nisqually Tribal Community Garden, Orchard, Perrault Farms, Pest Management, Rotational Grazing, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Starvation Alley Anegon, Angela 2015 Fall
2015 25.4 Policy Update Dan Newhouse, Food Safety, GE Labeling, Patty Murray, Preventative Controls Rule Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2015 Fall
2016 26.1 Policy Update Farm Internship Pilot Program, Farm to School, Farmland Preservation, FSMA, Policy Priority Survey, Small Farm Direct Marketing Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Ask Albert hydraulic modifications, rotovator, tractor toolbars Roberts, Albert 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Selecting and Breeding Barley for Craft Malt and Organic Production in Western WA Barley, barley leaf rust, low protein, malt production, Plant Breeding, powdery mildew, pre-harvest sprouting Brouwer, Brook, Jones, Stephen 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Hire Interns Safely and Legally Farm Internship Pilot Program, injury liability, internships, Safety Schaffer, Ethan 2016 Winter
2016 26.1 Lifetime Achievement Award: Diane Dempster Charlie's Produce, Diane Dempster, Lifetime Achievement Award Nagle-Caraluzzo, Kate 2016 Winter
2016 26.2 Organic Production of Heirloom Dry Bean Varieties of NW Washington beans, Crop Rotation, Farm to School, Heirloom, Northwest Washington, pulses Brouwer, Brook, Miles, Carol 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 The Future is Abundant Cascade Harvest Coalition, listening sessions, Seattle Tilth, Tilth Movement, Tilth Producers Platt Dwyer, Andrea 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 At The Intersection of Direct and Healthy Farmers Market Nutrition Program, Farmers Markets, Food Access, SNAP Donovan, Colleen 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 Member Spotlight: John and Mike Brownfield, Brownfield Orchards Apple Orchard, Brownfield Orchard, Fruit Orchard, Organic Certification Peroni, Heidi 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 San Juan Islands Ag Summit FarmLink, San Juan Islands 2016 Spring
2016 26.2 Ask Albert DIY, homemade tools Roberts, Albert 2016 Spring
2011 21.2 Raising Chicks at Lincoln Creek Ranch Brewer's yeast, Brooder, Chickens, Cornish Rock-cross, Feed, Hatchery, In-Season farms, Supplements Barker, Melissa, Lewis, Nathaniel 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 A Message From The President National Organic Standards Board, NOSB, President Dempster, Diane 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Farmigo Software Gains Efficiencies for Southwest Washington CSA CSAware, Data Base, Database, Farmigo, Local Harvest, Small Farm's Member Assembler Salafsky, Anna 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Reducing Tillage With Cover Crops in Western Washington Organic Vegetable Production Barley, Bulk Density, Earthworms, Infiltration, Rodale, Roller-Crimper, Soil Quality, Spader, Weeds, Wheat Bary, Andy, Benedict, Chris, Burrows, Colleen, Cogger, Craig, Collins, Doug, Corbin, Andrew, Miles, Carol 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Mindful Pasture Management Biodiversity, Cow, Dairy, Doug Warnock, Dryland, Fencing, Forage, Grasses, Irrigated, Lazy R Ranch, Livestock, Maurice Robinette, Rotational Grazing, Tillers Hunter, Carey 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Improving Efficiency In The Market Vegetable Farm Equipment, Reemay, Seeding, Seedlings, Soil Block, Transplanter, Vegetable Schwartz, Anne 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 2011 Early Season Farm Walks Cloudview EcoFarms, Inaba, Middleton, Red Dog, Templeton, Welcome Table, WSU Mount Vernon Staff 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Tilth Producers Policy Update Farm Bill, Food Safety Modernization Act, HB 1060, HB 1172, HB 1801, Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, Legislation, National Organic Standards Board, Policy Intern, RCW 28a.320.185, s 3307, SB 5029, SB 5191, SB 5359, SB 5648 Small Dairy Exemption, SB 5653, WIC, Wine and Beer Sampling Staff 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Ask Albert! Caburetor, Fuel Filter, Old Gas, Setting Bowls Roberts, Albert 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 Passing Knowledge Through Hands-On Experience: Legal Farm Internships in Washington State Apprenticeships, Employees, Kate Dean, L&I, Labor and Industries, Willing Workers on Organic Farms, Workers Compensation, WWOOFERs Berman, Fred, Collins, Doug, Koenig, Kristen 2011 Spring
2011 21.2 What is Certified Naturally Grown Certified Naturally Grown, CNG, National Organic Program Varon, Alice 2012 Spring
2011 21.2 Chicken Pickin’ Chickens, Cornish Cross, Poultry Hunter, Carey 2011 Spring
2012 22.1 Raspberry Crown Borer Research in Skagit Valley Blue Heron Farms, Carolyn Teasdale, Crown Borer, Moth, Pest Management, Pests, Raspberry, Research, Simon Fraser University, Skagit Valley, Sticky Trap Schwartz, Anne 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 A Message from the President 2011 Conference, Ann Leason, Brenda Book, Eddie Hill, Erik Zakarison, Gary Middleton, Halli Winstead, Jules Riske, Kia Armstrong, New Board Members, Officers, Retiring Board Members Dempster, Diane 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Ask Albert Engine, Gap, Installation, Maintenance, Plug, Repair, Spark, Spark Plugs, Troubleshooting Roberts, Albert 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Meet your Fellow Tilth Producer, Krissy Biernacki Blue Skies Bakery, Bread, Family, Farmer, Krissy, Small Business, Soil, Todd, Trout Lake Maki, Kelsey 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Five Ways Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets Threaten Organic Beets, Contamination, GE, Genetic Integrity, Genetically Engineered, GMO, Organic, Organic Seed Alliance, Partially Deregulating, Seed, Sugar Beets Hubbard, Kristina 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 WSU Students Recieve Scholarship to Attend Annual Tilth Conference Conference, CSANR, Funding, Organic Farm, Scholarship, Students, Tilth Conference, WSU Brown, Taya 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Dryland Organic Farming in the PNW 2011, Azure Standard, Big Sandy, Bob Quinn, Business, Buyers, Conference, Country Natural Beef, Dryland, eOrganic, Farming, Grains, Growing Methods, Idaho Organic Feed Growers Association, Kamut, Lou Anderson, Markets, Organic, Organic Valley, PNW, Producers, Production, Research, Stacy Davies, Symposium, Tilth Producers, Transistion, WSU Piaskowski, Julia 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Meatbird Roundtable at Annual Conference Broilers, Chicken Tractor, Cornish Cross, Feed, Freedom Ranger, Grain, Hatchery, Legal Production, Legal Sale, Market, Meatbirds, Murray McMurray, Pasture, Poultry, Predator, Quality, Rotation, Sourcing, Weight Brown, Taya 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Food Safety on the Farm Andy Ross, Becky Elias, Claudia Coles, FDA, Food Policy, Food Safety, Food Safety Modernization Act, Gap, Organic Farmers, Skagit Flats Farm, WSDA Musick, Mark 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Congratulations to the 2011 Farmer of the Year Eric Zakarison, Farmers, Palouse, Sheryl Zakarison, Zakarison Partnership Staff 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Congratulations to the 2011 Advocate of the Year Advocate, Colleen Donovan, Farmers Market Research Project, Green Book, Heifer Project, Small Farms Program, WSU Staff 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 Research Symposium Brings Scientists From Across the State 2011, Antibiotics, Beneficial Insects, Berries, Bev Gerdeman, Cherries, Conference, David Granatstein, Disease, Dr. Betsy Beers, Entemology, Fire Blight, Funding, Joe Bennet, Management, NOSB, Pathogen, Pest Management, Research, Small Planet Foods, Spotted Winged Drosophila, SWD, Symposium, Trapping, Tree Fruit, WSU Mt. Vernon, WSU Wenatchee Schwartz, Anne 2012 Winter
2012 22.1 WSDA Organic Program Update Farm, Flood, Harold Austin, NOSB, Organic, Tetracycline, Update, WSDA, WSDA Organic Advisory Board, WSDA Organic Program Rice, Scott 2012 Winter
2011 21.3 Red Shed: Bringing People Together in the Upper Methow Valley Community, Families, Farmer, Funding, Kelleigh McMillan, Methow Valley, Mixed Vegetables, Outreach, Program, Red Shed, Room One, Root Cellar, Sowing Seed Farm, Students, Support, Volunteers Schwartz, Anne 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 A Message from the President Directory, Fundraising, Journal, Membership, Nominations, NOSB, Policy, Staff, WOW! Dempster, Diane 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Wendell & Tanya Berry in Skagit Valley Presentation, Skagit Valley, Tanya Berry, Wendell Berry Musick, Mark 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 WOW! September 11-17, 2011 Community, Event, Farm Tour, Forks Up for Farmers, Organic Cocktail Contest, Participate, PCC Farmland Trust, Seattle, Support, Tilth Producers, Washington Organic Week, WOW! Staff 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Unlawful Patents? OSGATA, et al. v. Monsanto Contamination, Farmers, Genetic, GM, Lawsuit, Monsanto, OSGATA, Patent, Rights, Seed, Taya Brown, WSU Brown, Taya 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Report Card Nitrate Test for Assessing Fertilizer Efficiency Application, Fertility, Fertilizer, Nitrate, Samples, Soil, Test Collins, Doug 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Ask Albert About, Albert Roberts, Ask Albert, Driveshaft, Equipment, Machine, Maintenance, Pine Stump Farm, Power Take-Off, PTO, RPM, Service, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 2011 Summer & Fall Farm Walks Bellingham, Carnation, Cedarville Farm, Cloudview EcoFarms, Eltopia, Farm, Farmers, Lynden, Middleton Organic Orchard, Organic, Oxbow, Storytree Farm, Twin Brook Creamery, Vancouver, Walk Staff 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 WSDA Organic Program Update Antibiotics, EPA, Meeting, Nitrogen, NOP, NOSB, OAB, Organic Advisory Board, Organic Food Program, Organic Program, Sampling program, Sodium Nitrate, Streptomycin, Summer 2011, Tetracycline, Update, USDA, WSDA Staff 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Alternatives to Tetracycline and Streptomycin? Alternative, Antibiotics, Apple, Control, Fire Blight, Fruit, Growers, NOP, NOSB, Organic, Pathogen, Pear, Streptomycin, Tetracycline, Tree 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Tilth Board Members Attend Seattle NOC & NOSB Meetings Anne Schwartz, Antibiotics, Disease, Event, Fire Blight, Humane, Kia Armstrong, National Organic Coalition, National Organic Standards Board, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, NOC, NOSB, Oxytetracycline, Poultry, Seattle, Streptomycin, Tilth Board, Tree Fruit Schwartz, Anne 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 State Budget Cut; Domestic Marketing Program Eliminated Budget cuts, Domestic Marketing Program, Economic Development, Farm to School, Fred Berman, Legislature, Patrice Barrantine, Small Farm Direct Marketing, WSDA Schwartz, Anne 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Tilth Annual Conference 2011, Conference, Tilth Producers, Yakima Staff 2011 Summer
2011 21.3 Miracle of Biochar Amendment, Biochar, Cate Gable, Farm, Farmer, Garden, Karnofski, Methods, Nutrients, Organic, Soil, Soil Management, Techniques, Tilth on the Willapa, Vegetable, Vera, Wood Gable, Cate 2011 Summer
2011 21.4 Organic Fire Blight Control & the NOSB Alternatives, Anitibiotics, Antibiotics, Biocontrol, Disease Management, Streptomycin, Tetracycline, Tree Fruit Granatstein, David 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 Ask Albert! Jerry Harris, Mulching, Practices, Tractor, Weed Control, Weeder, Wonder Weeder Hunter, Carey 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 Meet Your Fellow Tilth Producer, Kai Ottesen Beginning, Farmer, Hedlin Family Farms, Interview, Mt. Vernon, Pig, Young Maki, Kelsey 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 Heirlooms of Tomorrow Breeding, Community, Diversity, Farmers, OSA, Regional, Saving, Varieties Novazio, Dr. John 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 Is Your Honey Green? New Natural beekeeping standards from Certified Naturally Grown Apiary, Certification, CNG, Farmers, Master Beekeeper, Methods, NOP, Organic, Program, Standards, Treatments Marterre, Buddy, Varon, Alice 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 Washington Organic Week Books, Governor Gregoire, List, Reading, September Staff 2011 Fall
2011 21.4 WSDA Organic Program Update Brenda Book, Certifier, Cost Share, Guidance, Kelp, National Organic Program, National Organic Standards Board, NOP, NOSB, OAB, Pesticide, Supplements Rice, Scott 2011 Fall
2011 21.2 AgForestry Program Opens Doors at Home and Abroad AgForestry, Chile, Food Policy, Legislatures, Lobbyists, Policy, Seminar, Travel, Washington Agriculture & Forestry Leadership Program, Wholesale Market Ottesen, Kai 2011 Spring
2011 21.4 A Message From The President Board of Directors, Buy Washington Organic, Conference, Diane Dempster, Fundraising, Policy Intern, President, WOW! Dempster, Diane 2011 Fall
2011 21.1 A Message From The President Board of Directors, Board Retreat, Conference, Diane Dempster, President, WOW! Dempster, Diane 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Identifying Alternative Livestock Feeds Brassica, Feed, GDD, Growing Degree Days, History, Livestock, Research Trials, Seed Production Districts, Seeds Benedict, Chris, Corbin, Andrew, Miles, Carol 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Tilth Producers of Washington Welcomes New Board Members! Board Members, Doug Collins, Kaitlin Hansen, Kellie Henwood, New Board Members 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Nitrogen Availability From Soil Organic Matter, Fertilizer, and Amendments Or… Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth From Your Fertility Practices? Composts, Fertilizer, Manure, Mineral Nitrogen, N Availablity, Nitrogen, NItrogen applied per management unit, Nitrogen Cover Crop Calculator, Nitrogen Release Equation, Organic Nitrogen, Soil, Soil Fertility Collins, Doug 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 WSU Sustainable Ag Program Immerses Students In Farming While Participating Farms Gain Valuable Case Study Case Study, Class, Education, Field Immersion, Food Producers, Sustainable Agriculture, WSU Lawson, Andrew 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Aminopyralid-It’s Deja Vu All Over Again! Chlopyralid Was A Nasty Compost Surprise, Meet The New, Improved Version! Aminopyralid, Bioassay, Broadleaf Plants, Compost, Dairy Manure, Herbicide, Herbicide Residue, Soil Burrows, Colleen, MacConnell, Craig 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Ask Albert! Batterries, Battery, Engine, Ignition, Solenoid, Starting, Tractor, Wiring Roberts, Albert 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 Co-ops Growing For Co-ops Setting Up A Farmer Cooperative To Supply A Local Food Co-op Or Grocery Store Co-Op, Coop, Direct Marketing, Direct Markets, Patrice Barrentine, Skagit Valley, Skagit Valley Food Co-op, Small Farm Direct Marketing Schwartz, Anne 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 2011 Policy & Legislative Update Issues, Legislation, And Other Conundrums To Keep Your Eye On In The Coming Year! 2012 Farm Bill, Amendment, Conference, Food Policy, GMOs, Legislation, Policy, Senate, Tester-Hagen Amendment Schwartz, Anne 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 WSDA Organic Program Update Chlorine, Compost, NOP, NOSB, Organic Production, Wild Crops, WSDA 2011 Winter
2011 21.1 2010 Farmer Of The Year & Advocates Of The Year Advocate Of The Year, Farmer Of The Year, Filaree Farm, Fred Berman, Patrice Barrentine, Watershine Woods Staff 2011 Winter
2012 22.2 A Message from the President Annual Retreat, Becky Warner, Budget, Committies, Diane Dempster, Fundraising, Grants, Maurice Robinette, President, Staffing, WSU Dempster, Diane 2012 Spring
2012 22.2 Pollinator Conservation in the Northwest Bee, Bees, Conservation, EQIP, NRCS, Pesticides, Poisoning, Pollinators, Xerces Lee-Mader, Eric 2012 Spring
2012 22.3 The Quest for Perfect Irrigation: 3,000 Years and Counting Irrigated, Irrigation, Perennial Irrigation, Sprinkler, Tensiometers, Water, Wheel Lines McMoran, Don 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 A Message From The President Amy Besunder, Conference, Executive Director, Farm Walks, Fundraising, Policy, President, Research, Washington Organic Week, Website Dempster, Diane 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Meet your Fellow Tilth Producer Irrigation, Local Food, Member of the Month, Orcas Island, Soil, Soil Analysis, Washington Young Farmers Coalition McCluskey, Cathleen 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Farm Walks 2012 Cloud Mountan Farm, Double Diamond, Farm Walk, Farm Walks, Kirsop Farm Staff 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Tilth Producers Welcomes New Executive Director Amy Besunder, Executive Director Staff 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Flower Production On-farm Workshop Flower Production, Flowers, Jello Mold Farm Staff 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Remembering the ‘People’s Department’ Biotechnology, Department of Agriculture, Germplasm, History, Land Grant, Plant Variety Protection Act, Seed Breeding, Seed Distrobution, Seed Trade, Seeds Hubbard, Kristina 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 WSDA Organic Program Update Inerts Allowance, Organic, Organic Certification, Organic Practices, USDA Rice, Scott 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Ask Albert! Ball Bearings, Grease, Hub, Maitenance, Wheel Bearings Roberts, Albert 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Tilth Producers Policy Update 2012 Farm Bill, Farm Bill, GAPS, GMO, LGMA, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray Policy Committee 2012 Summer
2012 22.3 Tilth Producers Annual Conference 2012 Conference Staff 2012 Summer
2012 22.4 Estimating Plant-Available Nitrogen from Cover Crops Cover Crop, Nitrogen, Nitrogen Cover Crop Calculator Andrews, Nick, Sullivan, Dan 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 A Message from the President & The Executive Director Amy Besunder, Board of Directors Nominations, Diane Dempster, Educational Coordinator, Executive Director, President, USDA Grant Besunder, Amy, Dempster, Diane 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 Holistic Management Allan Savory, Desertification, Holistic, Holistic Management Cates, Tre’ 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 Growing Forward: Holistic Management of Organic Farms 2012 Conference, Schedule Preview Staff 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 Ask Albert! Battery, Jump-Start, Jump-Starting, Tractor, Wintertime Roberts, Albert 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 Tools for USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Program Food Safety, Gap, GAPS, GHP, Good Agricultural practices, Good Handling Practices Kovacs, Tricia 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 Tilth Producers Policy Update Farm Bill, GMO, Petition, Policy, Policy Briefing, Signatures Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 WSDA Organic Program Update Cost Share, Crop Materials, Exports, Handling materials, Washington State Department of Agriculture, WSDA, WSDA Organic Program Update Rice, Scott 2012 Fall
2012 22.4 New Organic Seed Database AOSCA, Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies, Database, Organic, Organic Seed Finder, Seed, Seed Finder Staff 2012 Fall
2013 23.1 Seasonal Nitrogen Mineralization on Organic Farms N-Minteralization, Nitrogen from Organic Matter, Nitrogen Mineralization, Soil Building, Zero-N Plot Bary, Andy, Cogger, Craig, Collins, Doug 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 A Message from the President Allan Savory, Annual Meeting, Conference, New Board Members, Officer Elections, Staff Changes Dempster, Diane 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 New Research on Farmers Market in Washington State Food Stamps, Market Research, Market Shoppers, Rapid Market Assessments, Women Infants and Children Program Donovan, Colleen, Ostrom, Marcy 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 Ask Albert Air-Fuel system, Carburetor, Float, Fuel Filter, Needle, Seat Roberts, Albert 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 Tilth Producers Policy Update Farm Bill, Farm-To-Market Program, Farmland Preservation, GMO Labeling, Lobby Day, Policy Agenda Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 WSDA Organic Program Update Organic Certification, Periodic Residue Testing Rule, Residue Sampling Rice, Scott 2013 Winter
2013 23.1 Introducing eOrganic Article, Ask-an-Expert, eOrganic, Online Help, Resources, Videos, Webinar Formiga, Alice, Heleba, Debra, Stone, Alex 2013 Winter
2013 23.2 A Message From The President Education, Executive Director, New Board Members Dempster, Diane 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 Ask Albert! Ask Albert, Dripping Oil, Flange, Pinion, Trunion Roberts, Albert 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 Food Safety Modernization Act Proposed Rule FDA, Food Safety odernization Act, FSMA Bary, Andy, Killinger, Karen 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 Opinion Editorial, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), GMOs, Opinion Brown, Taya 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 Tilth Producers Policy Update Direct Marketing, Farm Bill, Farm-to-School Program, Farmland Preservation, Food Safety Modernization Act, GMO, Policy Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 Farmer-Author and Daughter to Keynote 2013 Tilth Annual Conference 2013 Conference, David Mas Masumoto, Epitaph, Keynote, Nikiko Masumoto Staff 2013 Spring
2013 23.2 AgForestry Leadership AgForestry, Education Foundation, Leadership Program Staff 2013 Spring
2013 23.4 A Message From the President Conference, Executive Director, Fundraising Dempster, Diane 2013 Fall
2013 23.3 Irrigation Scheduling Made Easy Cell Phone, Irrigation, Irrigation Scheduling, Mobile, Mobile Applications Peters, P.E., Ph.D., R. Troy 2013 Summer
2013 23.3 A Message From The President Board, President, Sofia Gidlund Dempster, Diane 2013 Summer
2013 23.3 Ask Albert! Bubbles, Diesel, Fuel Filter, Motor, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2013 Summer
2013 23.3 Tilth Producers Policy Update Farm Bill, Farmland Preservation, FSMA, GE Labeling, Internship, Yes on 522 Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2013 Summer
2013 23.3 Farmer Veteran Coalition: Helping Veterans Reach New Grounds Farmer Veteran Coalition, Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund, Grants, Veteran, Veterans Yudice, Zoe 2013 Summer
2013 23.4 Ask Albert! Diesel, Emissions, Engine, Fuel Efficiency, Purchasing, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2013 Fall
2013 23.4 WSDA Organic Program Update: Overview of Organic Research and Promotion Program Organic, Organic Trade Association, OTA, Promotion, Research, USDA Rice, Scott 2013 Fall
2014 24.1 Biodegradable Mulch Films in Organic Production: National Organic Program Considers Rule Change Biodegradable Biobased Mulch, Biodegradable Plastic Mulch, Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Films, BioPreferred, Mulch Corbin, Andrew, Cowan, Jeremy 2014 Winter
2014 24.1 High Tunnel Tour, Yakima: “Baby, It’s Warm Inside!” High Tunnel, National Resource Conservation Service, NRCS Cramer, Jacqueline 2014 Winter
2014 24.1 The 51%—Grow Your market : Denise Swafford Makes Organic Applesauce From I-522 Bruised Apple Election Results Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), GMO Labeling, I-522 Swafford, Denise 2014 Winter
2014 24.1 Pruning Strategies From Cloudview Ecofarms’ Jim Baird: “Know Your Objectives, Know Your Variables” Cloudview EcoFarms, Orchard, Planning, Pruning, Tree Fruit Baird, Jim 2014 Winter
2014 24.1 Tilth Producers Policy update Farm Bill, Farm Policy, Farmers Markets, Farmland Preservation, FSMA, GE Labeling, Good Food and Farming Action Day, Internship Pilot Program Taylor-Stanley, Ariana 2014 Winter
2014 24.2 Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Management for Organic Producers: Organic Options for Invasive Pest of Northwest Fruits Drosophila suzukii, Pest, Pest Management, Spotted Wing Drosophila, SWD Bixby-Brosi, Andrea, Hoashi-Erhardt, Wendy 2014 Spring
2014 24.2 Ask Albert Bearings, Grease, Lubrication, Motor Oil, Oil, Synthetic Grease Roberts, Albert 2014 Spring
2014 24.3 Ask Albert Mechanics, PTO, Tractor Roberts, Albert 2014 Summer
2015 25.3 Bee Fever: Pro-Pollinator Activities Bees, Food System, Pollinator Redmond, Bob 2015 Summer
2016 26.3 Then & Now: Miles McEvoy Addresses Organic Agriculture and Certification in WA State Apples, Certified Organic, NOSB, Organic Certification Peroni, Heidi 2016 Summer
2016 20.3 A Letter From The President Dempster, Diane 2010, Fall