2011 21.2 What is Certified Naturally Grown

Many farmers nationwide who are committed to organic agriculture choose not to go through the organic certification process. Yet they’d like some way to distinguish themselves from conventional farmers without illicit use of the “o-word”. Certified Naturally Grown is a non-profit organization that was founded by farmers in 2002 to provide certification tailored to the kinds of farmers who launched the organic movement – small-scale sustainable farms serving local communities. Certification involves an online application, full transparency, and peer inspections. The standards are based on the National Organic Program, and adhere to internationally recognized guidelines for organic agriculture. CNG’s peer inspection process strengthens the farming community by fostering local networks. Last year CNG added an apiary certification program to encourage natural beekeeping and promote honey bee health. Certified farmers and beekeepers may use CNG marketing materials and have a customizable farm profile on the website. Learn more and find members near you at www.naturallygrown.org

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