2016 26.1 Welcome the New “Tilth”

Happy New Year!

It’s now official: effective January 1st, Tilth Producers of Washington and Seattle Tilth are one entity. We’re excited for the future of this new, larger organization which, with help from our community will realize our shared goals in creating a sustainable and equitable food system. The conventional food system is a vast and complex force that is invested in the status quo. As smaller organizations, we have less of a chance of making a difference. By working together, we can share resources and our voice will be amplified.

For the past year we have focused on 2016 as the beginning of the next chapter of the Tilth movement. This newly created organization will reframe the current paradigm under which we serve the farming community. The merger allows for a dynamic future that honors our roots while expanding our mission. Farm Walks, the annual conference, the Tilth Producers Quarterly journal—and more—will continue. Now the hard work begins. Integrating two organizations with such deep histories and traditions is a big task. We both originate from the same roots forty years ago, but evolved in different ways.

Becky Warner, past president of the Tilth Producers board,
and now serving on the new organization’s board explains,

Our two organizations have always worked in similar areas but from somewhat different ends of the food system. Over time, the areas of focus were starting to overlap. Bringing together all our work under one new organization offers a full food system-wide perspective and increased capacity to make a meaningful difference for farmers, eaters and the food system.

Our goal is to unite forces in a way that retains the best of both cultures. We’ll spend time thinking about who we are and how we identify ourselves, what to call our new organization, and how to integrate plans and systems. The new entity will not only advance its exciting mission but will also better serve the members and communities currently a part of each organization.

Andrea Platt Dwyer, Executive Director, is embracing the challenges of creating a sustainable and equitable food system and welcomes your input. [email protected], 206-633-0451.

Michele Catalano, Deputy Director, is excited about a “Tilth” future that provides more opportunities to serve growers and the community. [email protected], 206-632-7506.

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