2012 22.2 Vegetable Variety Trial Results Now Available

Results from the 2011 Washington State NOVIC trials available on eOrganic

Results are in from the 2011 NOVIC sweet corn, carrot, broccoli, snap pea, and winter squash variety trials. To see how an array of commercial and experimental varieties did when grown on organic ground in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, visit http://eorganic.info/novic/crops (New York results coming soon). NOVIC, or the Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative, is a four-year USDA-OREI funded project that partners with organic farmers to breed new varieties, identify the best performing existing varieties for organic agriculture, and educate farmers on organic seed production and plant variety improvement. The collaborative includes researchers and educators from four universities, Organic Seed Alliance, and the USDA. To learn more about the project, visit http://eorganic.info/group/5751

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