Farmers Markets

The following organizations are great resources for finding and participating in Farmers Markets across the state:


Washington State Farmers Market Association
WSFMA supports and promotes vibrant and sustainable farmers markets in Washington State. Our vision is to have a thriving and sustainable farmers market within reach of every resident in Washington State. Washingtonians understand the importance of farmers markets in developing healthy communities and a sustainable local food system. WSFMA is a national leader in the movement to increase access to local foods through farmers markets.


Neighborhood Farmers Market Association
The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance (NFMA) is a community-based, non-profit organization which operates seven farmer/food only markets in Seattle neighborhoods. The NFMA’s mission is to support and strengthen Washington’s small farms and farming families. We do this by providing effective direct sales sites for our region’s small farmers, and by educating consumers about local farm products and the importance of supporting and preserving local farmland.

Seattle Farmers Market Association
Seattle Farmers Market Association is a Washington state registered non-profit operating European-style farmers markets in neighborhoods throughout Seattle.