Farm Walk Booklets

Title Topics Date Published
Broad Leaf Farm Certified Organic, EcoTech Solar, energy usage, Northwest SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, Solar Energy, Sustainable Connections 2015, 10
Heron Pond Farm Walk Cheese, Dairy, Farm Walk, Goat Dairy, Goat Milk, Goats, Milk 2013, 05
Spencer Farm Compost, Farm Walk, Orchard, Organic, Soil, Vermiculture 2015, 03
Blue Heron Farm Walk Blue Heron Farm, Blueberry, Blueberry Pruning, Farm Walk, Pruning 2013, 03
Hama Hama Oyster Company Farm Walk Clam, Farm Walk, Hama Hama, Oyster, Oysters 2012, 06
Stockhouse’s Farm Walk Agritourism, Direct Marketing, Geese, High Tunnel, Season Extension 2014, 04
Nash’s Organic Produce Farm Walk Barley, Grain, Oats, Pest Management, Seeds, Wheat 2014, 05
Glendale Shepherd Farm Walk Cheese, Dairy, Lamb, Milk, Sheep 2014, 06
Green Bow Farm Central Washington, Icelandic Sheep, Meat Production, Multi-Species Grazing, Pasture Management, Pastured Poultry, Rotational Grazing 2015, 04
Heavenly Hills Harvest conservation planning, Organic Certification, pollinator plants, riparian buffers, Salmon Safe 2016, 09
Lenwood Farms Cover Crops, Lenwood Farms, Soil Amendment, Soil Health 2017, 05
Rents Due Ranch Northwest SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, NWSEED, REAP, Solar Energy 2016, 10
Badger Mountain Vineyard Financing, incentives, Northwest SEED, REAP, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Vineyard 2016, 05
Neuwakum Farm diversified vegetable production, Pest Management, WSU 2016, 07
Cliffside Orchard Orchard, WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant, wsu extension 2016, 08
Midori Farm Midori Farm, WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2016, 08
Hayshaker Farm Hayshaker Farm, WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2016, 09
Tahoma Farms Certified Organic, Northwest SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, Pierce County, Sun's Eye Solar, Tahoma Farms 2015, 10
Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort Organic Garden Certified Organic, Chelan County, Farm-to-Restaurant, Resort, Season Extension 2015, 07
Nisqually Tribal Community Gardens Community Garden, Food Sovereignty, Native Plants, Nisqually Tribe, Pierce County 2015, 08
Wobbly Cart Farm Bees, Certified Organic, Common Acre, native pollinators 2015, 05
Let Us Farm Certified Organic, Cover Crop, Crop Rotation, Green Manures, internship programs, lettuce, soil blocking 2015, 06
Mystery Bay Farm American Alpine Goats, Chevre, Farmstead Dairy, Goat Dairy, Jefferson County, Pasture Management, Sustainable Pasture Management, Yogurt 2015, 06
Starvation Alley Farms Certified Organic, Cranberry, Juice Processing, Pacific County, Value-Added Production 2015, 08
Perrault Farms Certified Organic, Hops, Perrault Farms, Yakima County 2015, 07
Leach Orchards Apple, Certified Organic, Drought, Irrigation, Pear, Yakima County 2015, 08
China Bend Winery Certified Organic, estate winery, Stevens County, value-added processing, wine-making 2014, 10
Zakarison Partnership Cover Crops, Palouse, Quinoa, Sheep, Zakarison Partnership 2015, 06
Quackenbush Farm beginning farmers, Clark County, land access, Quackenbush Farm 2015, 09
Caldwell/ Davis/ Bassetti Farm energy usage, Northwest SEED, Renewable Energy, USDA Renewable Energy for America Program, Wind Energy 2016, 04
Brownfield Orchard Farm Walk Booklet 2014, 06
Bow Hill Blueberries and Puget Sound Food Hub food hub, Northwest Agriculture Business Center, organic blueberries, Puget Sound Food Hub, value-added processing 2014, 06
Seattle Tilth Farm Works beginning farmers, CSA, farm incubator, farmer education, Seattle Tilth 2014, 07
Spokane’s Family Farm Dairy Cows, Eastern Washington, grocery store sales, vat pasteurization 2014, 07
Yacolt Mountain Farm & Nursery CSA Program, diversified vegetables, Draft Horses, Lewis County, Root Cellar, Southeast Washington 2014, 08
Local Roots Farm CSA Program, GAPs certification, King County, postharvest handling, vegetable production 2014, 08
Alpenfire Orchards Certified Organic, cider apple production, hard cider, Jefferson County, USDA Value-Added Producer Grant, vinegar production 2014, 09
Burnt Ridge Nursery Certified Organic, chestnut, Fruit Orchard, hardy kiwi, Lewis County, nursery production 2014, 09
Enumclaw Sustainable Farmers Network boer goats, King Conservation District, King County, organic cow dairy, Pasture Management, Pastured Poultry, resource sharing 2014, 10
Plum Forest Farm Walk Andy Bary, Calculating Nutrient Needs, Compost, Compost Records, Composting, Farm Walk, King Conservation District, Vashon Island 2013, 04
Inaba Farm Walk Active Phase, Ammonia, Apprentice, Beneficial Insects, Chilling, Compost, Compost Windrow, Composting, Conditions, Contamination, Cooling, Curing Phase, Diverse, Diversified, EIN, Employee, Employer, Employer Identification Number, Enclosed Composting, Ethylene, Family, Farm Walk, Farmworker, Food Safety, Forced Aerated, Guideline, Handling, Harvest, Hiring, Housing, Ice, Icing, Inaba, Intern, L&I, Labor, Labor Laws, Management, Migrant Worker, Minimum Wage, Odor, Organic Waste, Packaging, Passively Aerated, Piles, Postharvest, Produce, Production, Production Practices, Requirement, Ripening, Safety, Sanitation, Seasonal Worker, Shelf Life, Soil Amendment, Soil Health, Static Piles, Storage, Supervision, Temperature, Temporary Housing, Temporary Worker, Vermicomposting, Volunteer, Windrow Composting, Workplace, WSDA, Young Workers 2011, 05
Cloudview EcoFarms Farm Walk Agri-culinary Tourism, Agritourism, Buyer, Catch Crop, Cloudview, Cloudview EcoFarms, Community Supported Agriculture, Conservation, Consumer, Cost, Cover Crop, CSA, Customer, Direct Marketing, Distributor, Diversified, Farm Stands, Farm Walk, Farmers Markets, Food Retailer, Food Safety, Grading, Green Manure, Grocery Store, Handling, Harvest, Hygiene, Inputs, Institution, Internet Sales, Labor, Living Mulch, Mail Order, Market, Marketing, Marketing Channels, Marketing Cost, Microbial, Nitrogen Production, Nutrient, Nutrient Cycling, Organic Matter, Outlet, Packaging, Pest Management, Price, Produce Auctions, Restaurant, Retail, Risk, Rooting, Rotation, Sales, Sanitation, Scale, Social Networking, Soil, Soil Health, Soil Structure, Sorting, Summer Green Manure, U-pick, Volume, Weed, Wholesale, Winter Cover Crop, WSDA 2011, 07
Mt. Vernon Viva Farms Farm Walk Farm Walk, Mt. Vernon, Viva Farms 2011, 06
Gibbs Organic Produce Farm Walk Albert Roberts, Ask Albert, Attachment, Battery, Cold, Diesel, Engine, Equipment, Farm Walk, Fix, Fuel, Gas, Gibbs, Gibbs Organic, Hydraulics, Ignition, Injector, Machine, Machinery, Maintenance, Massey Furgeson, Mechanics, Motor, Power Take-Off, PTO, Repair, Service, Servicing, Smoke, Smoking, Smoky, Solenoid, Starter, Tractor, Winterize, Winterizing 2012, 05
Sunfield Farm Booklet Biodynamics, Compost, Farm Walk, Goats, Sunfield 2012, 06
Pride and Joy Farm Walk Cow, Dairy, Dairy Cows, Grass, Grass-Fed, Grasses, Pride and Joy 2012, 06
Doubletree Farm Walk Draft Horses, Horse Power, Horses, Livestock 2012, 07
Cloud Mountain Farm Walk Demonstration Trials, Education, Growing Trials, Research, Variety Trials 2012, 07
Jello Mold Farm Walk Flower Production, Flowers, Fresh Cut Flowers, Seattle Wholesale Growers Market 2012, 07
Double Diamond Farm Walk 2012, 08
Kirsop Farm Walk Barley, Diversified, Meat Chickens, Nitrogen Mineralization, Oats, Triticale, Wheat 2012, 09
Klickitat Canyon Farm Walk Beneficial Insects, Farm Walk, Habitat, Insects, Pollinator, Pollinators, Restoration, Wine, Winery 2013, 04
Cascadia Mushroom Farm Farm Walk Farm Walk, Mushroom, Mushrooms 2013, 05
Pine Stump Farm Walk Farm Walk, Mechanic, Mechanics, Silvopasture, Tractor 2013, 06
Lincoln Creek Farm Walk Biodynamics, Grazing, Meat Processing, Pasture, Pastured Poultry, Selling Meat 2013, 08
Maple K Farm Walk Grazing Practices, Scottish Highland Cattle 2013, 09
Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms Farm Walk Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island, Collaboration, Collaborative Farming, Continuous Harvest, Draft Animals, Suyematsu 2013, 06
Lenwood Farms Farm Walk Beetle Banks, Beneficials, Farmscaping, Insects, Pests, Pollinators 2013, 06
Wilson Banner Farm Walk Community, Marketing, Small Farms 2013, 07
Friendly Haven Farm Walk Beekeeping, Bees, Biodynamics 2013, 07
J4 Ranch Farm Walk Berries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Spotted Wing Drosophila 2013, 08
Middleton Organic Orchard Walk Farm Walk Farm Walk, Middleton, Middleton Organic Orchard 2011, 07
Red Dog Farms Farm Walk Farm Walk, Red Dog Farm 2011, 05
Storytree Farm Walk Farm Walk, Storytree Farm 2011, 08
Grouse Creek Farm Farm Walk Farm Walk, Grouse Creek Farm 2011, 06
Welcome Table Farm Farm Walk Farm Walk, Welcome Table Farm 2011, 06
Black Sheep Creamery Farm Walk Black Sheep Creamery, Farm Walk 2010, 04
Boistfort Valley Farm Farm Walk Boistfort Valley Farm, Farm Walk 2010, 10
Filaree Farm Walk Farm Walk, Filaree Farm 2010, 09
Finnriver Farm Walk Farm Walk, Finnriver 2010, 11
Hedlin Family Farm Farm Walk Farm Walk, Hedlin Family Farms 2011, 05
Lazy R Ranch Farm Walk Farm Walk, Lazy R Ranch 2010, 05
Mendoza Orchard Farm Walk Farm Walk, Mendoza Orchard 2010, 09
WSU Pullman Field Day & Farm Walk Farm Walk, Pullman, WSU Pullman 2010, 06
WSU Puyallup Field Day & Farm Walk Farm Walk, WSU, WSU Puyallup 2010, 06
Tonnemaker Hill Farm Walk Farm Walk, Tonnemaker, Tonnemaker Hill 2010, 06