Hands-On Learning Workshops

Persephone Farm – Sunday, June 16, 2013, Indianola, 11:30 am – 6:00 pm

9828 NE Midway Ave, Indianola, WA 98342 Persephone Farm
Diversified vegetable operations for all seasons
Join Farmers Rebecca Slattery, Louisa Brown and their crew for a full-day of diversified vegetable farming operations. Persephone Farm is a 13-acre farm in Indianola with orchard, pastured poultry, and open fields for birds and other wildlife. They attribute balance and biodiversity as key to their success. With a history of teaching interns for over 15 years, Rebecca and Louisa have been committed to educating farmers and future farmers. Experience hands-on tasks: include mulching, prep work for seeding winter crops, transplanting, harvesting and cleaning garlic, and weeding. Explore methods of careful crop rotation, homemade compost, beneficial insectaries, and patient observation to avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Tour the farm and learn how deep ecology and sustainability guide their philosophy and farm management. Afterwards, join in a socializing, networking potluck and a camping sleep over.

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Directions to Persephone Farm

9828 NE Midway Ave

Indianola, WA 98342