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Salt Creek Farm Apprenticeships


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Posted on: 12/15/2012 12:24 pm

Dates: April 1 through Nov 1 (dates are flexible)

We have over 25 years expereince running a csa.

Apprenticeships and woofing at Salt Creek Farm are available to anyone who has a serious desire to learn about organic farming. Normally, we take on two full-time and several part time apprentices (woofers) during our 9 month season (possibly year round.) Apprentices need not have previously worked on a farm. A position here would be ideally suited for someone who might want to start their own community gardening project or CSA. Success here is largely dependent upon a reverence for food, hard work, a good sense of humor, and the ability to work well with others. We ask that apprentices assist us with all phases of the farming, eg., greenhouse propagation, hand weeding, harvesting, spreading compost, cultivating, transplanting, newsletter and crop sheet design, delivery, assisting working members. etc. By its nature, the apprenticeship is experiential. In other words, as Eliot Coleman might say,” you will lean to master the tools and techniques through interaction, observation, discussion, and study.” Interns will initially be working alongside more experienced hands. You will be asked to assume the role of learner, accepting the role of farmers as mentors. As the season progresses, and you gain more confidence you too could be supervising working members and overseeing harvests. Small micro farms trying to raise high quality food crops year after year face many challenges. Success is largely a function of maintaining fertility, plentiful water for irrigation, crop rotation, and pest control.

Apprentices can expect to see a range of ecological farming techniques implemented depending upon the crop(s) grown. Most of the crops are organically grown in small bio-intensive beds utilizing minimal tillage, interplantings, biological pest control, crop rotation and covercropping. Hand use and tools.are commonplace. Tractor drawn three point implements, belly mounted tools and hand tillers are also useful in bed preparation, tilling and cultivation. We grow over 50 different kinds of vegetables herbs and flowers. As a member of the Seed Savers Exchange I have an intense interest in growing and saving rare and endangered garden varieties.

We Work at least 40 hrs. per week. Ideal apprentices are phsically fit, like being outside all day, can work in the heat and rain, don’t mind sweating and enjoy dirt under their fingers! Some of our most successful apprentices were fire fighters, runners, trail crew members, bikers and construction workers. Our schedule needs to be flexible because it is entirely dependent upon current weather conditions. Timing is critical in farming. So, when it is cloudy, we transplant. When the sun shines, we cultivate. As the season winds down, ample time off will be provided in the fall to explore Olympic National Park and Salt Creek County Park.

A 20 foot yurt located on the farm is available to use for lounging, cooking, and showering. The yurt is equipped with a phone, shower, gas range, sink, propane hot water heater, utensils, pots and pans, and electrified lights. A self contained 30 foot Airstream trailer is also available for housing. No smoking is allowed in either structure. Pets are discouraged. Basic staples,. eg., rice, beans, flour, peanut butter milk, quinoa, butter, and all garden produce is provided for the duration. We are located less than 1/2 mile from bus service to Port Angeles and two miles from the Olympic Discovery Trail.

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Couples Okay: Yes.

Kids Okay: No.

Pets Okay: No.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Not Necessary.

Specific skills or knowledge required: Desire to immerse onself in the process

Work Hours: Full Time.

Learning Opportunities: On The Job.

Housing: Yes.

Paid: Yes.

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