2012 22.2 Recommended Reading

New book for Farmers Focuses on Strengthening Farm Finance Management Skills

Successful financial management of a business as complex as a farm is a large undertaking that involves many different skills and systems. The new book, Fearless Farm Finances, (MOSES) will demystify successful farm business management for readers by looking at the goals, systems, and procedures piece by piece. Fearless Farm Finances presents the complex subject of farm financial management in a straightforward and readable style, with numerous tips and examples from working farms. The authors offer examples from a diversity of farms, from dairy to diversified vegetable, to orchards and pastured poultry. The content is relevant for both small- and large-scale operations. Sample farm data sets highlight how equations, formulas, and analysis are done.

A project of the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, (MOSES), authors include Paul Dietmann, Badgerland Financial, Dr. Craig Chase, farm management specialist for Iowa State University, Chris Blanchard, Rock Spring Farm, and project manager and editor, Jody Padgham, financial manager of MOSES and small scale farmer.

Book sections include: Starting with Farm Financial Management, (Startup and Planning), Farm Data Collection and Organization, The Big Picture: Organizing Basic Financial Information, (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow) Analysis and Decision Making Using Your Numbers, (Ratios) Analyzing Specific Elements of Your Farm (Enterprise Analysis), Thinking About the Future (Budgeting and Monitoring), Other Factors that Affect Your Financial Situation (Labor, Organizational Structure).

To order a copy, visit the MOSES webstore at http://www.mosesorganic.org/ or call MOSES at 715-778-5775 and request an order form.

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