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Skipley Farm Internship, Snohomish:paid/cost

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Gil Schieber

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Posted on: 03/06/2017 7:15 am

Dates: March 1, 2017 through January, 2020 (dates are flexible)
  An opportunity to work and learn on the Farm with directorship by premier plantsman and 40 year veteran Horticulturist Gil Schieber,  where you will be immersed in the passion of growing food, offering the keen observer the tools of land stewardship. We have thousands of varieties where we are selecting for resilience in horticulture. We believe diversity is the key to life in balance. Our mission is to inspire the growing of wholesome food for the new farm and yard gardener. By model, trials, collaboration and service we aspire to incubate a local resilient food system. Through education and regional social outreach the revival of the walk-to-a-farm past can manifest. Visit website here. All organic, nursery, fruit, vegetables, flowers, greenhouse crops, markets, pick-your-own, food forest development, permaculture principals.

Offering: Formal class time and informal field class time-what we like to call field yoga where we are primarily growers-with a developed program suited to your/our needs based on time, season and goals. We farm year-round! We adapt the schedule for period-apprenticing as day-long, week, two-week and monthly programs: these are geared for inspiration to the already horticulturally-inclined; 3 month, 6 month and year internships are our bread and butter programs that impact our bottom line while providing the student a cultured understanding of growing a crop to market.

Onsite or offsite living. Onsite is communal, shared with up to 4 persons in a farmhouse, trailer, bus, or outdoor shelter (1/2 room/board fee) shared meals, food from the farm, all utilities, internet , laundry etc. Vehicle use (mileage fee applies) and bicycles are available. Fees and Payment: All fieldwork is paid $13/hr. or prevailing minimum wage which ever is higher. You are covered by L&I workers compensation (insurance) as required by state law. Between education and paid field work after 2 weeks the potential to net positive is limited to $100 weekly, $400/month. Room/board: farmhouse, trailer, bus $2700/3 mo. $5200/6 mos., $10200 12 months; $65 daily, $415 weekly, $700 two weeks, $1100/mo. 70% above X 2 for double occupancy/couples; outdoor shelter-tents, tarps 1/2 above rates. Education Fees: 3 to 12 months: $1400 monthly (24 day min) internship 4 to 12 hours fieldwork daily (no "overtime" rates);  $6200 6 month; $9300 12 month > after 3 months fieldwork increasingly shadow-work with a shortening formal classtime; 1 month and shorter: $145 daily less then 6 days-3 to 4 hours paid fieldwork daily and/or $25/hr. class time; $540-6 day week-4 to 5 hours paid fieldwork; $925 two week (12 days inc. market time)  4 to 7 hours paid fieldwork daily-potential net positive-up to $200; 1 month $1700 with 24 days min. and 4 to 7 hours paid field work-up to $400. Monies are exchanged and taxes are retained per federal requirement. We do not barter or "work out other arrangements"

Hired hands

Apply for an application to [email protected] visit

Number of interns needed: 4

Couples Okay: Yes.

Kids Okay: Yes.

Pets Okay: Yes.

Car Required: No.

Experience Required: Preferred.

Specific skills or knowledge required: Health, flexibility, ambition

Work Hours: Negotiable.

Learning Opportunities: Set Aside Time.

Meals: Share With Family.

Housing: Yes.

Paid: Yes.

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Acres: 7.7

County: Snohomish

Public Address: 7228 Skipley Rd., Snohomish, WA, 98290

Mailing Address: 7223 55th ST SE, Snohomish, WA, 98290

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Daytime Phone: 206-679-6576

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