About Us


Tilth Producers promotes ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable farming practices that improve the health of our communities and natural environment. In fulfilling its educational mission, Tilth Producers:

  • Publishes the Tilth Producers Quarterly, a journal of organic and sustainable agriculture,
  • Publishes the Tilth Producers Directory, a guide to organic and sustainable growers, markets, food and farm suppliers and resources in Washington,
  • Presents an annual conference and occasional workshops throughout the state to further growers’ education and to provide a forum for interaction among its members and others interested in organic farming and sustainable agriculture,
  • Sponsors the Tilth Intern Placement Service which matches interns with growers for on-farm learning,
  • Networks with other local, regional, national and international organizations to promote research, education and common action on behalf of a sustainable agriculture system,
  • Hosts an annual Washington Organic Week campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of local organic and sustainable agriculture,
  • Helped establish the Washington state organic standards and continues to be active in the development of national organic farming standards and policies,
  • Maintains a watch on state and national governments to inform members of pending or enacted legislation which will affect them.

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