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2017 Lease Available on Spectacular Eastern Washington Certified Organic Turn-Key Farm

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Posted on: 02/04/2017 1:11 pm

The farmland has been certified organic through WSDA for 9 years and is beautifully situated in Eastern Washington State with wonderful views of glaciated Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. Located in a broad valley bordered by the Rattlesnake Mountains on the north and Horse Heaven Hills on the south, it’s blessed with some of the richest soil in the world—-thousands of years of accumulated glacial deposits from the Missoula ice age floods, river silt and volcanic ash. Over the past ten years we have transformed over-grazed, weed-ridden pastureland, subject to dust storms and soil run-off, into a farm based on organic and sustainable practices for growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, grains and forage crops. The lease may also include two, season extending large high tunnels (24 X 56) and greenhouse. The acreage available for lease is currently in cover crop and alfalfa and alfalfa grass hay.  Total farmable acreage is 70.

Irrigation is accomplished via wheel line and drip irrigation and use of the systems would be included in the lease (maintenance of the equipment, electricity and water will be the responsibility of the lessee). The land is bordered on three sides by vineyards and hops fields, and has a mile of winding riverfront. Across the river are thousands of acres of wildlife preserve, part of the Yakama Indian Nation. The river is an official salmon river, a major tributary flowing into the Columbia River, and from there into the Pacific. Along the river we have begun restoration of native vegetation, eliminate noxious, poisonous and invasive plants, and to prevent erosion that began years ago, and have returned the wild edges of the farm to habitat to benefit salmon and suitable for deer, pheasant, ducks, beaver, geese and many other species that already are moving back in. We have also engaged in a project to create broad “pollinator borders” of wildflowers and other native plants along our fence rows, also for wildlife, and to provide a healthy environment to attract bees and other beneficial insects.    We also have hosted Tilth farm walks, WSU and WSDA workshops, and more!

The farmer is offering the opportunity to farm this amazing land (beginning in 2017) due to personal family issues and is looking for the right person or couple to carry on the work already begun. Many wholesale and retail channels are also already established, so turn-key in many ways. Lease rates will be negotiated on a case by case basis, but water and electricity will be the responsibility of the leesee. Organic certification is not required to be maintained, but practices that are organic so the land could achieve organic certification must be maintained. Additional equipment may be available for lease/purchase as well. Private on site housing may also be available. Serious inquiries only.

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